Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poor blog, it's been over a week! Let's catch up here...

Sometimes life just happens to the best of us! It's been a whirl wind crazy past few weeks and I'm not ready to share ALL the details yet but here's a few.

Work - My other PASSION - Real Estate has magically picked up and when that happens I consume myself with it because who knows how long the tide will stay in! There is nothing better than making dreams come true for people, when they walk in the front door and you see them "move in" it's a feeling that you never want to let go of.


So, I've been invited to teach online classes for one of my most favorite people/places on the net, my mind is soooo very excited and honored and and and.... I just have to finish the paperwork. I'm just gushing inside with GLEE!! If I could sing... I would...a happy little tune.♫♪♫♪♫

Then.... One of the local scrapbook stores - Sharin Memories - asked me if I'd be interested in also teaching at their store...if I'd be interested...OF COURSE! Again, honored, amazed and SO VERY THANKFUL! 

So, Teaching...WHO KNEW??? Online, and locally here at The Scrappy Stamper and Sharin Memories!

I have one more exciting little announcement, but that deserves it's own little post. I'll tease you for a moment, it has nothing to do with Real Estate or Scrapbooking and YET... It DOES. How wild is that????

I can't have a post with out some eye candy so.... OK, so if you didn't notice I've been playing around with STAMPS & this week featured on Teresa Collins' Blog - Here's a few of the projects, you can see more pictures and tips and tricks on her blog.

Using the Celebrate Stamp set:

Using the Blingage Alphabet & Giving Thanks Stamp sets: psst... be sure to check out her blog to see how I made those pumpkins! :)

Have a great night! ~Cheri


  1. LOVE all your stamping!!! FANTASTIC!!!!

  2. You are sooooooooo smart to create with alpha stamps.
    Congrats on the your teaching gigs. Which I was close. I would still love the instructions on your mini that you used the freestyle paper on.

  3. Karey, Thanks you!! :) I saw your request but I have no way of contacting you, can you e-mail me so I have your e-mail address?? Thanks! :)

  4. How WEIRD!!! I was just checking out Teresa Collins' blog and found you. I LIVE IN ROCHESTER too!!! how crazy is that! LOL I have probably seen you around. I shop at Sharin Memories all the time too. What a small world!

  5. Wow! Love what you did with those stamps. Such talent!


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