Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Blog has moved!!

Hey everyone, It's TIME to make the move. Yes, I'm sure you've seen some changes over the last year with starting teaching and having a website.

Here's the new address:
I hope you join me!!

I will not be deleting this blog so you can always come back for inspiration. I have moved ALL of the old posts over to the new one.

I will not be updating this blog.

Thank you all so much for all of your support and kindness. I have grown so much because of all you and I appreciate all of your comments, encouragement, and following me. Thank YOU!!! ~Cheri

Friday, January 17, 2014

An Altered box mini album tutorial using the new collection Hello My Name Is collection by Teresa Collins

Hey everyone!! I am so excited to share this with you today!! This is a little project I made for the CHA booth using the new collection "Hello My Name Is".  I've had a lot of people ask me what my favorite of the new collections is and that's a hard one to answer because I LOVE them all for different reasons. 

This collection inspires me to share my story. This project I made is for my daughter to share her story, where she is now in life and I can't wait for her to write in it!!

FIRST, I want to share with you how I MADE this box into a book!!

ok, so I'll start from left to right - the first photo shows you that it is a craft colored, Graphic45 matchbook box. They come in three sizes and this is the middle sized one (8x8). The second photo shows the box that slides out and I cut the left side off!! Then I just cut the right side of the frame on the outer box which allowed it to open. NOW when you SCORE the left side you need to know that this will become your "SPINE", don't cut all of the way through as it will ruin it so go slooooooow and take your time. And last but not least create a template for your binding rings. I cut a strip the same height as the box and then folded it in half and used my cinch to create the holes where they needed to be. Then I spray painted it all in bright white. YOU could cover it in paper, mod podge it, what have you. Right now I'm just loving white paint on everything so there ya go! :)

So now you need to figure out how to fasten it closed. Starting from top left - I used one of the foam squares from the Teresa Collins Adhesive kits Those black foam squares are super dense so they are perfect for this!! So poke a hole where you want your "knob" add a foam square to one of the largest brads - by adding the foam square it will give the brad some height and because the legs of the brad are so long it will go through both the foam and the cover as shown in picture two (top right). Ok, so now you need to adhere your ribbon to the inside of the outer box line it up with your knob so it will close correctly. Then Adhere the smaller box on top of your ribbon lining up the top and bottom of the boxes evenly. Now when you close the book you can wrap the ribbon around your knob!

I loved the "words" paper so I cut strips and used them as my "staple" throughout this book. Have you seen the new photo overlays????? I love the sayings on them!! I added one of the new GEMS on the decorative tape. This page is actually 12" wide - I folded it to create a flap page!

This is the flap page. I cut a strip of journal cards and added them to the flap page by folding them then tied them together. So when untied, they fold out like an accordion. 

Here is the page all folded out - I used a photo on the back of the flap then added a journal card and ephemera piece on the side I am going to have her journal. 

This is one of the new 4 x 6 journal cards from the "love" paper - I love these!! I added some decorative tape to the left and a clear gem to the top center of it, So so simple!

Ok, at first glance you may not recognize ALL that you are looking at here so I'm going to point it out... That is a 5x7 photo overlay, but I ONLY had a 4x6 photo! Well, no  problem they don't have to be only for your photos. I added a piece of card stock to my page, added my photo then added my photo overlay. (sorry, It's hard to photograph them!)

This is the back page and I love all of the layers for journaling!!

I think this is my "FAVORITE" overlay!! ok, pun intended! Seriously though I do LOVE it!!!

I thought this was a fun page to share - the top paper is called "tags" and the bottom paper is called "Polaroids". Again - a great place to add more photos if you like or just use as journaling spots.

Here's another page with an accordion tag fold out tied with ribbon. I liked all of the layers in this book!! I hope you are as inspired as I am!!

When you are all done with your pages use your template from earlier to punch your pages. Add your cinch rings from the inside down on the right side of holes and up on the left, add your pages then pinch them together and your done!!

You can see here how the spine looks! So, go create one of your own! They are a fun to make and it's something you will treasure!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Love - my next class announcement, using the collection from Teresa Collins You are My Happy

I have used the Teresa Collins "You Are My Happy" collection to create this countdown book.

I really went out on a limb here with this book!! There is SO MUCH to look at! You are going to enjoy creating this one, I'm so excited!!

About the Album:
  • 21 pages (front and back) and covers
  • Measures 9" tall by 6 1/2" wide
  • This would be great to document your everyday love, special photos.
  • There are lots of layers and dimension!!
What You will receive in your class kit:
  • Pre-cut pages from You are my happy collection - Dots (foiled paper), Hearts (foiled paper), Pretty Flowers, Shooting Arrows, Spectacles, Memo Circles,  papers.
  • Note cards sheet  - "Hello tags" of 13 journal cards
  • 1 treat bags
  • 4 flag toppers
  • 3 doilies, 1 each: small, medium and large
  • Decorative Buttons
  • Sequins 
  • White ribbon
  • Ephemera package
  • One roll of black with white dots washi tape
  • One roll of black/white chevron washi tape
  • Paper reinforces for your doilies
  • Book rings
  • Detailed photographed instructions
To Complete this kit you will need:
  • Basic class kit supplies - 12" paper trimmer, Dry adhesive - (I use score tape or red line tape in 1/4"), wet adhesive like zip dry, 3 in 1, (I like to use glossy accents), paper piercer, scissors, see thru ruller (I use and swear by the Tim Holtz centering ruler) A pen and pencil. Mini Sticky notes come in handy in my class so you remember where to put your photos after class if you do not bring them to the class.
  • Corner rounder - Chomper preferable. 
  • 1/4" hole punch
  • Pop Dots
  • 1 1/2" Circle punch (or you can hand cut the circles)
  • Bone folder, Paper scorer if you have one.

Cost: $35.00 plus tax.

Please contact the store to reserve your spot! Seating is limited so please don't wait!

Locations & dates:
Saturday February 8th 10am  425-427-8871
The Mad Scrapper  1590 NW Gilman Blvd Suite E-2  Issaquah, WA 98027  

Saturday February 22nd 10am  (360) 423-9625
Scrap Happy  1323 Hemlock ST  Longview, WA 98632

Saturday March 1st 11am  (360) 352-0510
Sharin Memories  4460 Pacific Ave SE  Lacey, WA 98503

Saturday March 15th 10am    (425) 355-2500
Lila’s Scrapbooking  7207 Evergreen Way #T,  Everett, Washington 98203

Saturday May 3rd  & Sunday May 4th (604) 514-2229
Clipper Street Scrapbook Co   6360 202 Street #105 Langley, BC, — V2Y1N2

Hope you can make it!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Teresa Collins 2014 Design Team announcement!!

I am so excited to be returning as design team lead for Teresa Collins Designs!! Please welcome the new team on the Teresa Collins Design Team blog:

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12" x 8" scrapbook travel album using the Teresa Collins Memorabilia collection.

Hey everyone!! This is a huge book and I'll appologize now if this post is taking forever to load. Sometimes I leave pages out then get requests to see MORE, so I am giving you MORE!! I hope you enjoy it!!

I used the collection Memorabilia. I really liked how well it went with the photos. There were two photos that inspired how I would create this book, the picture on the cover and the picture of the Eiffel tower. They both had a common key element that I knew I could pull into the entire book. They both had golden hues to them. So from my stash I created all of my base pages using a thick black card stock and also from my stash I had the golden striped paper. When I'm out and about I always look for timeless papers for just this purpose and I'm glad I had them! I cut all of my base pages then added strips of the striped paper to each page. I corner rounded only the out side edge corners. I knew by doing this that it would pull the entire book together. For my covers I used double thick black chipboard and did the same as the inner pages.

What I loved about this page is that there was already a spot on the paper for my friend to journal in. I mounted almost all of the photos onto white cardstock, this helps keep the focal point of the photo. I also added photo corners - I think photo corners are like lip liner is to lipstick! It's a small detail that can be overlooked or not noticed but is one more detail that helps pull the look all together.

For this page, I wanted to keep with the vertical lines of the statues in the photo and the pattern of this paper was the perfect choice. 

I loved this page because the photo is the front of a mini file folder which gave me more room for more photos. I continued the gold scallop border from the previous page to keep it consistent. She can add the name of the building on the tab of the file folder which I liked!

Here is the file folder opened up, down below the picture on the left is more room to journal.

For this page, I added a large journal tag on the left and layered over it. When I added the photos, I abutted them together in the middle and added photo corners to the top and bottom corners making one large photo. I created a grouping overlapping the picture seams and journal tag so there are two distinctive spots to journal but it doesn't separate the overall look. 

Did I mention... there are a TON of photos in this book?!? Here's another way to add more... I created a "FLAP" page and adhered it using washi tape on both sides of the flap. 

Here is the flap opened. On the left I layered the photos the same way using washi tape so they flip up! On the right side of the flap I did the same with the journal tag so there is a LOT of space for her to journal as well.

I will tell you, when I saw this photo I debated to keep it or not. But I knew it must have some meaning so I just rolled with it and I love how it turned out, I trimmed some extra strips of the blue paper to continue the lines in the photo. I only added photo corners on the right side, it would have disrupted the visual lines if I had added them to all four corners. 

This is not a full size page. By keeping it a little smaller in the width it gives more "depth" to the book. This is another spot to journal.

Here is another flip page but this time I just folded paper over at the top and added a strip of washi tape at the bottom of the sheet to give it a longer look. 

On the inside I cut a journal card in half so she could add a little note for each photo. 

This is another page where I grouped two photos together by adding photo corners to only the top and bottom corners. 

Here you are looking at two smaller pages, the top is a tag which pulls out for more journaling and the bottom has just one photo on each side of the flap. 

This is the right side, where this time I added three photos and only added photo corners to the top and bottom corners. This works because they are all scenic photos.

I have to say, this was a unique photo!!

This is one of those papers where I loved the outside outline in the white, it was originally 12 x 12 and I kept cutting it down until I had the "frame" I was looking for. It is always best to take your time and start cutting it down in small increments, you can always make it smaller but you can't make it bigger unless you want to start over. The gold and black paper is from my stash and you can see I punched a few photo corners using the same paper. 

The base of this page (the only one like it in the book) is actually one of the large mini file folders folded out. then I layered paper over it, this is perfect for journaling. I love the tab at the top. 

Here is another example of a smaller page. I added the card to it and it pulls together with the page tab and the black space on the page behind it. I always give a lot of thought to those details when creating pages that overlay each other. 

I loved this picture how there wasn't anyone filling the scene. 

I wanted to keep these photos separate so I added photo corners to each visable corner and tied the page together by adding matching border strips to each side. 

This is one of my favorite pages, I added the large envelope and card for more journaling. But it's the banners that I love... You will soon see how it is all pulled together.

This is a smaller width page that I added "memories" border to. At the top of the page it pulls over more banners that match the envelope. I also added three photos using the "waterfall" technique and the backs of each photo are backed with card stock for journaling too!

On this page I added another border strip with the banners. 

Here is how all three pages look all open, see how all of the banners pull it all together?

Here I added photos but separated them using a border strip since they were so different it was best to keep them separated. But do notice the grouping on the left with the circles and journal card. 

On the right side I have more smaller pages with just photos, but watch when you flip them... 

Now notice how the grouping from before plays well with the grouping on the back of the photo pages. Again, this is a detail that will notice but not know or understand how it came together. I did the first page then just added the second grouping playing off of the first page and it works. 

And then the last page, just real simple since the other side was such a statement. The back page to this is not shown but it is another document journal page.

I hope you have enjoyed the book!!

Happy New Year!! ~Cheri

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Countdown to Christmas album using Santa's List by Teresa Collins

Hey everyone, I am so EXCITED to share this with you!! I have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER!! I created this album for the CHA booth last summer. So if you did not attend CHA (the Craft and Hobby Association) you would not have seen this so I am excited to share it with you!!

I had my daughter help me take a little video of the book so please take a look if you would like.

I have to admit, this book is one of my most favorite books I have created, the JOY and CARE that I put into it... Details... like every page I added grommets, painted around each edge in cream to match the cover. Then I cut all of my page pieces/layers and painted those edges a lighter creamy white.
I love how it has the look and feel of old world charm with a fresh shabby chique (sp?) feel to it. The crisp white with the cream and pops of red... Like I had been dreaming it.

I don't think I could pick a favorite page if I tried!!

This will be my last post until after Christmas, so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!
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