Saturday, June 27, 2015

Faux-Midori ~ Fabric Travelers Notebook Tutorial

Are you a hoarder??? Well, I wouldn't say I was... However, I have been saving the DISCONTINUED Grunge Paper for a special project. These were widely available 12x12 grunge paper packages that came with 3 sheets to a package. I'm so sorry, if you don't have any... check your best friends stash - you never know who may have a few sheets to gift you!!

Supplies used: Pretty Fabric, 2 sheets of 12x12 grungepaper, bias tape, elastic cording, 5 eyelets. Tools used: eyelet setter, scissors, Elmer's spray glue, sewing machine, corner rounder.

I have fell into the "planner addict" hole of goodness!!! Needless to say, I fell head over heals for the Japan style Midori - specifically the Travelers Notebook. If you are not familiar with this type of planner I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you check out this video:

She has a ton of great videos, website and if your on instagram you should follow her!!

Anyways, back to the tutorial...

You will first want to adhere (spray adhesive works great!) two sheets of the grungepaper together and cut to the size you like. The typical height is 8 3/4" and the width really depends on how many inserts and accessories you use. For this one I cut mine to 9 3/4". From your trimmings you can also make a pen loop... or not. This is the first time I've made one with the pen loop, so it's up to you. Corner round your corners once you have it cut to size.

To add your bias tape I used double stick tape and just peeled it and added the bias as I went. I opened the flaps of the bias so they are on each side so both the inside and front appear "finished". This takes a little patience, take your time - it's super cute when it's completed. Treat yourself to some chocolate - you deserve it!!

If you are adding a pen loop, attach it now to the middle-ish top of the right side. Yeah, I stapled mine...just to be sure since I have not used a pen loop in the past. It'll be covered up so it's all good. Just be sure to check the legs of the staples and make sure they are not sticking up or doing anything wonky.

Now you'll want to cut your fabric with enough allowance to fold it in about a 1/4" or so and sew it onto your cover. I want you to pause a moment first... make sure your needle is the RIGHT needle to sew with, I switched mine out to a big one just in case. When you get to the pen loop your machine may want to act up, get all clunky and loud, so if it does, I'm just saying you may want to manually crank it... just saying...

Now for an easy step, Trim some matching felt for your inside, spay the heck out of it with the spray glue and adhere it to the inside. It looks so pretty now!!

For your elastic cording your going to need to punch some holes and to help with the fraying of fabric it's a good idea to use eyelets too. From the top and bottom your first hole should be about 3/8" (that's three lines on your Tim Holtz ruler) the 1/2" from that first hole then one in the center.

Cut about 16" of your elastic cording. From the top of the book take one end and go through the top hole and up the bottom, take the other end at the bottom of the book and go through the bottom hole and up the top one and tie the ends together. Your book should bend a bit, you don't want the cords to loosey goosey.

Then cut about 8" for the center add a cute charm before you tie it off and same thing - needs to be a little snug so stuff won't fall out.

And just like that you are done! Super cute right??


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  1. Amazing, I like notebooks like these so much, and it's great to see that they're relatively straightforward to make on your own!


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