Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Making your own stamps...

Making your own home made stamps sure has come a long ways!

I was looking thru some old school projects my mom had saved and put away in a box for me when I came across my first stamp. It appears I was in the 2nd grade when I made it, I can't believe they let us use sharp tools back then but apparently they did!

I have no idea what the material originally was, it's pretty hard and it has almost a burlap type of backing. You can see that we drew our image right onto it and scraped it out with some sort of a tool. It still has some of the silver paint or ink up at the top! I guess you never grow out of some things, I love silver ink!

If you look on the right sidebar you will notice a new badge, I'm on another design team...
Of course, it's the Teresa Collins Stamp Maker!
Teresa Collins Stampmaker
Teresa Collins stampmaker

I have to tell you, making stamps REALLY has come a long ways! When I first got my machine I was a little overwhelmed with all of the possibilities!! It's like magic every time and it only takes a few minutes to make it!

I use photo shop when I create my negatives or I use the monthly free downloadable images. So easy!! Be sure to check out the Stampmaker Design Team blog for loads of inspiration!

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