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Teresa Collins ON THE EDGE and Punky Sprouts - Steampunk'd Album

When I saw this album by Punky Sprouts called Steampunk'd my mind said YES!!! I knew this album was just beyond perfect to use with the On The Edge line by Teresa Collins.

I want to give Punky Sprouts a great big shout out because I am a HUGE fan of their albums and how fun they all are to create with!! So please take a moment to visit their blog for items and inspiration.

Core’dinations; On The Edge Papers: Words, Gears, Shields, Distress Dots, Plaid, Shield Star transparency & Tags. Trims, Stamps, Brads, Die Cut Card Set & Elements. 
Blingage: Matt’s Wings. 
Other: Steampunk'd album by Punky Sprouts. Sand paper, edge distressed. Light blue paint. Therm O Web 3D Foam squares and velum runner. Black archival ink.

Paint your page binding edges in light blue (totally optional, I just like the look.)

Preparing your page components:
From On The Edge Core Amour Gears paper: cut fronts (both the small and large gear page) of album (trace then cutting is way easier.) also cut 6 1/8 x 9 for back cover and adhere.
Shields paper: cut backs of both small and large gear pages and adhere.
Shields Transparency paper, cut 4 1/8 x 9 and adhere to back of acrylic page using velum runner.
Distress Dots paper, trace the ledger paper side for both front and back of dress form page and adhere.
Plaid paper, cut the fronts of the scroll pages (picture not shown.) (I used the solid blue side, not the plaid side.) and adhere.
Gear paper: cut the gray gear paper strategically with the gears in the lower left of back side of the two scroll pages. Then use remaining and cut 6 1/8 x 9 for inside of back cover, And adhere.

Now that your paper bases are all down, sand all the edges. I found that a nail file worked great on the gears pages.

Assembling your page:

I started with Stamping:
Using the “Gear” Stamp, stamp w/black ink on your two gear papers; Go crazy just where you think you need some more “punch”. Flip your gear pages over and stamp the upper (small gear) gear page 3 times and create a grouping (it does work best if you make some masks – you know, stamp on a scratch piece of paper and cut it out so you can overlay your stamps) Then Stamp once on your big gear in lower left. Now, skip all the way to the canvas page and create another grouping in upper right with three and one in lower left. Then do the same on the back but alternate your corners. Then flip to the scroll page 2 back and stamp in the center of the large gear. Now with the word “evidence” I stamped the word just below the center line of the blue shield circular tag 9your going to add a brad so be careful not to go to high.)

This would be a great time to add Matt’s wings to the back of the dress form neck. You’ll want to use a really awesome liquid glue so they stick real well. It’s ok if it gets all mess, we’ll cover it up soon enough. It helps to keep them in place with some clothes pins or clamps as they are drying.

So, let’s get started on your cover, Punch out the blue “Remember Shield”, “good times, blue and white label (add some silver brads to the label if you choose), cut out a couple of words from the words paper, I used “real” “fun”. Now connect your two gear pages together, so they become one great big gear page. From the chipboard elements use the small gray one, add a brad of choice to the center and glue them to the center of the “remember “shield tag. Adhere your “good times” to your label (I used foam squares) and attach to your page. Now with foam squares attach your shield just over lapping both the small and large gear. Add your other two words of choice under “good times” lining up the right edges.

Inside cover: attach the gear boarder strip about an inch from the right side. Attach a brad of your choice to one of the upper gears. (When I say attach, I mean cut your ends off and glue them on.) Add your photo. Cut another word of choice and add under lower right of photo using foam squares.

Transparency page: Cut two photos of same size and adhere one to each side. Punch out black tab and adhere over lapping photos and transparency. Also add a word of choice above upper left of photo.

Dress form page front: Add a photo, create a “gear” grouping with three chipboard gear elements in lower left, Layer them and add a brad in the center of one. Add a word of choice from word paper below photo.

Dress form back: OK back to the shield tag, finish it off by adding a large brad of choice and adhere covering wings using foam dots, make sure it doesn’t show from the front and that your word is even. Add your photo.

Canvas front: (This is the same as the canvas back – so repeat.) Add two smaller brads and adhere them to the centers of stamped “gear” images. Add photo, cut a word of choice to fit width of page and border (adhere to your border or matt using foam squares, add blue ribbon and then attach to page.

Scroll pages, upper and lower, I just matted photos and attached to these pages. (I did add another brad to the center of the back stamped gear.)

For the last page adhere your photo. Add a large black brad in 2nd to the top right row of gears. Add another word or two of choice from words paper and you’re all done.

This is a super awesome album that was just perfect for the ON THE EDGE paper line. Could be used for girls as shown and boys, I just love it!

I have more fun albums I am designing for The Hens Den using other Punky Sprouts items, big reveals coming soon from The Hens Den.   Cheri


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE(!) THIS ALBUM!!! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  2. WOW Cheri, totally adorable.....what a fun fun album........HEE HEE Im getting ready to start working on one of these albums myself....cant wait to dig in!


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