Monday, October 22, 2012

Christmas Countdown Memory Book

This last weekend was so much fun! I went and helped out The Hens' Den at the Scrapbook Expo. It was just amazing talking with such great customers old and new. I got to reconnect with many friends over the weekend and made many new ones!

I found a new favorite store too!  Mon Ami Gabby -Marina is just so sweet!! I bought some tape and was using it all wrong and she was so sweet to me when I came back and asked what I was doing wrong and she knew instantly what I was doing was soooo kind about it! I love that!! I am loving all of their trims and bling.. SWOON!! I will have to take photos of my new bag showing you what I did with their products!

I tell ya, I was beat by Saturday night! Our feet were killing us then we had to break down the booth... needless to say I was a couch potato all day napping off and on, trying to recover from lack of sleep and being so sore!

I made a Christmas Countdown book (Yes, I have now made TWO) I love the memory album kit! I made it for the booth as a display item it turned out so good that there were only two album kits left! I didn't have time to snap photo's before the show of my second one, this is the first one that I made, I love them both! These make great gifts too!!

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