Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little of This and a Little of That

Yes, I am using my stash up! I'm going to try to do one project a month using it up! I have been saving this Daisyd's paper for years, and if you've been scrapbooking long you probably even have some of it stashed as well. I decided - what the heck am I doing? Saving it for a rainy day?? I'm going to stop hoarding it and start enjoying it. So, here's what I came up with - something old matched up with something new and it's a beautiful little arrangement if I do say so myself.
This book is a large ledger book that I picked up at Staples and I looked online to share the link with you but they don't have it online?!? Which really blows because I LOVE this ledger book - this is my second one!

I love the new Graphic 45 paired with it, is beyond perfect! Then I added some great rub on's and stickers. A little washi tape. and trimmings. I love the closure!

So, this is the inside flap and the pre-stamped numbered pages inside. I cut a few inches off of the width of the back cover then added....can you guess... a sheet of 6 x 12" grunge board so it would wrap around the front and be a little flexible - paper would be to thin and chipboard would not wrap around the way grunge board does.

A little shot of the inside cover.

Here is the spine. I really do use my book - I sketch my classes in it - which paper to cut, and all of the instructions for all of my class kits are in this book. As much as I love all of the trims that cover the spine I also need to be able to write in it so I created it using a book ring. I love the 7gypsies hole thingy - again - something I love and have in my stash! Same with the Teresa Collins Flower - now I can see it and enjoy it!

I hope this inspires you to create something beautiful from your stash - quit saving it for a rainy day and enjoy the pieces you love so much.

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  1. One project a month..great idea! Maybe if I borrow this idea I can get rid of my pretty/horded stash too! The saving for a rainy day thing isn't working..I know this because it has done nothing but rain here for way too long now and I still haven't touched it! LOL
    Love your ledger! (I have that paper in my stash..hee hee)


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