Monday, May 6, 2013

New Mini Album using Teresa Collins Summer Stories with instructions and video

 Hey everyone, I have a fun little mini book to share with you! I have included the instructions to recreate this album and supply list is at the bottom for you. 

For ease of not repeating myself, most elements and pages are corner rounded and mounted on white card stock - all of which is optional.

Cut flowers paper 8 3/4"w x 8" h, score and fold left side 3". Cut damask paper 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" and adhere onto the black tiles side of flowers paper 1/4" from bottom. Add camera washi tape to top of damask paper, continue around back of page. Adhere "some people look for a beautiful place..." quote using pop dots. Adhere border strips from top to bottom under cameras - ledger, memories, floral banner, and banners. Trim and same remaining for another page. Add "Love this so much" sticker to top left of cover. Add Large yellow enamel dot to center of open part of sticker. Add xsmall blue, yellow & blue to banner die cut strip.

Add pink and gold journal card 1/2" from left side. Add "D" letter just off center to the right of journal card. Add "Just Because" Die cut to lower right of card. Create a grouping using the camera brad, Pearl brad with die cut circle and yellow button to lower left of card. Stamp "Story" to top left of page.

Take "remember" file folder out of package and unfold it with floral side up. Adhere "A perfect day" journal card 1/2" from left and 1 1/2" from bottom. Add stripes die cut star burst to right of card. Add letter of choice to left of star burst  Add red "details" die cut (just tuck it under your letter on the right side.) Add blue chipboard star burst button to center over lapping the top of details. Add flower from your stash and a clear bling brad to center of flower just under your grouping. Adhere "A day to remember" chipboard element to bottom of page even with red details left edge. Add year to tab using the numbers off of the sticker sheet.

Using the remaining border strips from your cover adhere to the top of the page. Cut our the "order sheet" from the Ephemera paper and adhere 1/4" from left edge - just tucking the top under your banners. Adhere "I wish I could freeze the picture" card off center from the order sheet. Stamp the pen onto the pink floral die cut border.

Adhere your photo 1/2" from the top and left side. Adhere pink dots die cut banner to top left, "snapshot" banner chipboard element next to pink banner, black tiles chipboard button banner next to snapshot. Add xsmall blue enamel dots to the pink and black banner. 

Cut stripes paper 5 3/4" w x 3 1/2"h and adhere as a pocket 3/4" from bottom. Add camera's washi tape to the bottom of page. Add "Love" die cut to top left of page using pop dots. Add "today" die cut to top right of pocket, add small gray brad to left of today. Add "Notes" die cut just under the numbers stripe - add small pink enamel dots to each side of notes die cut. Cut out the letter "X" and adhere to the blue numbers journal card, add it to the pocket. Add "remember this moment" journal card the the pocket.

Cut bingo paper 3 columns by 3 rows. Adhere your photo under the top words. Add camera washi tape under photo. Add sticker photo corners to photo. Adhere "Authentic" chipboard element to bottom right of page above bottom row of numbers. Add pink harlequin brad to center of white flowers from stash to left of authentic.

Cut a 2" x 9" strip from bottom of flash card paper and adhere to right side of yellow numbers page. Add pink "take note" washi tape over seam of paper. Cut out numbered ledger piece from ephemera paper and adhere 1 1/2" from bottom abutting tape. Adhere Pink journal card overlapping ledger card. Adhere "A" to journal card. Adhere "Beautiful" die cut to upper left of card. Create a grouping, add "happy" sticker kitty corner from the "A". Add black tiles chipboard element above happy overlapping the right edge of "A". Add Large yellow enamel dot to center of pink button and adhere to left of grouping. Adhere "You bring so much joy to me" chipboard element under card.

Take largest file folder out of package. Adhere photo 1/2" from right and 3/4" from bottom. Add "smile" chipboard element to top of pink tiles die cut banner and adhere to bottom left of photo. Add small yellow enamel dot to center. Cut the blue banner journal card 1 1/2" and adhere to top of page. Add "right now" chipboard button overlapping banner edge of card. Add xsmall yellow enamel dot to button. Adhere large numbers brad to right of banner.

Insert page: Cut stripe paper 5 3/4" w x 7 3/4"h. I am somehow missing the front page and the back of the front of the mini file folder photos but you can see it in the video. So these instructions are for the back side of the insert page you just cut which goes in your large file folder, it will fit between the black borders as shown in the video. Cut a 2 3/4"h x 5 3/4" w strip from the flowers paper, create a pocket and adhere to page 2 1/2" from bottom. Add black dots journal card 3/4" from left side and top. Add "M" to upper center of card. Add "captured" die cut to lower right of card. Add small blue brad to center of white flowers from stash to left of camera on captured. Add Large blue damask brad to center of gold banner journal card, Stamp "Note:" to right of banner and place in pocket. Add large gray enamel dot to center of "remember" chipboard element and adhere to top center of oval gold frame journal card. Stamp the flower in light pink onto card then place in pocket. 

Cut 5 1/2"w x 7 1/2"h from the ephemera paper with bingo on the side. then adhere your photo just overlapping the bottom of bingo. Add word of choice to tab using the letter stickers from sticker sheet.

Supply List: Summer Stories collection
Papers: Cards, Flashcards, Flowers, Ephemra, Damask, Stripes, Bingo
Embellishments: Washi Tape, Brads, Stamps, Border Strips, Enamel Dots, Chipboard buttons, Chipboard elements, Die Cut Sheet, File Folders, Stickers

Other: Cinch machine, 1/2" white coil for binding, misc white ribbons and pearls to dangle on binding. Teresa Collins Mega Runner, black ink for stamping.

I hope you all enjoyed the mini book and are inspired to recreate this cutie yourself! Have a fantastic week!!

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  1. Thank you for posting the tutorial for this. It is so beautiful!


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