Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Did you say coffee?? Let's decorate the coffee tumbler from Starbucks!

Ok, so the one I got for Mothers day didn't work out so well but I found this new one at Starbucks and it came with a sharpie and it's stainless. It has a little more "wiggle" room to add more layers. YAY!! 

So I just gathered up some of my favorite pieces from the Teresa Collins Memories collection. I wanted this month's "theme" to highlight the dictionary/quote from the papers that says fortunate.

I traced my template onto my base paper then cut it out. Then I thought the pink glitter border strip would be a great touch! Because the top of the template is rounded you are going to adhere it to the top and just trim the excess off.

Here I layered my quote onto one of the journal cards. I cut around a few of flower petals with my exacto knife to slide in my dictionary card under it.

Once your happy with how it looks start adhering everything down onto your base. 

I added a few enamel dots, I was a little nervous if it would work because of the depth but with this tumbler it worked out ok! 

I am excited and it's so pretty to look at! I hope you are inspired to create one of your own!Till next month!! I'm thinking, a little Stationery Noted with the Red, White and blue for Fourth of July!

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  1. Just picked up a Starbucks mug and now to decorate it.
    Love yours, and Thanks for sharing!


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