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CHA Summer 2013 with Teresa Collins Designs, in Vegas!

You may or may not know what CHA is, it is the Craft and Hobby Association trade show where all of the manufactures gather twice a year, in winter and in summer. All retailers are invited to attend to purchase their collections for the upcoming months. I have created booth samples over the years and stayed behind the scenes watching from afar. This year I had the honor and pleasure of being able to attend and it was an AMAZING experience!! What you also don't know is that I have NEVER traveled by myself, I have only flown just a few times in my entire life so this was a really BIG DEAL in my little world. I am so glad I was able to go and attend!

Here are some of the highlights from my trip! I didn't take my real camera, I really wanted to be able to enjoy the entire experience. So these are all with my cell phone, so sorry for all the graininess!!

Lets start from the beginning, my plane was a little delayed, then while I was coming into Vegas I noticed Lightning outside - I'm just going to say, you should NEVER EVER see lightning outside your plane window, not ever - just saying. There was a huge storm and serious flash flooding had occurred. It took two hours to get from the airport to the hotel (normally this would have been a 15 minute commute) Street lights were out, roads were blocked and the amount of accidents was astonishing. Welcome to Vegas right?!? Crazy, wild!!

The first day we went up to the Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa & Casino in Henderson where Teresa teaches her event each fall. This was beautiful - it's like a destination. Awe inspiring!! As a real estate broker I was drawn to all of the beautiful architecture! The intricate wood ceiling is your first glimpse of the resort when you pull up - beautiful!! I am so glad I got to see where the event is held each year.

There is amazing shopping close by and we had a really great time! Many first for me this trip - there was an Anthropologie there - their displays sooooo inspired me. I picked up a few things for E and me!! :) I loved the paper flowers that looked hand drawn, so cute!
We hit the strip on our way back to the hotel. I love the roller coaster on top of the New York, New York!!
I loved that I got to meet Gentry and Tc in person, I love these girls!! We had such a great time! 
From Top, left to right: Opening day group photo: myself, Gentry, Teresa, Riley, Brian & Amy. This was the first time I met Amy - She is so fun and amazing!! 2nd row:  Dinner at Benihana, My girls Liisa and Cheri from Scrap Happy in Longview WA.  Row 3: First time meeting them as well, such a fan of all of these talented folks!! Kristine McKay from My Craft Channel, Mario Rossi I love following him on facebook and instagram!!! Sesil -I love this girl, have known her for years and just now meeting in person!!  Row 3: Crafty Stephanie - she was so sweet, I have followed her on instagram and she is a hoot!! She brought me some amazing Fiskars tools to create with - Thank you Stephanie!!, A little caricature  from Scotch (too fun!!) & Jordan Hasek - he is 14 and owns his own store and is amazingly talented - for reals!! Just amazing, he is going places!! Seriously what a special treat, I met so many people that I follow, from facebook, instagram & blogs, it was such a fun experience.

Ok, so I hope you saw the debut of the new TC ebosser from Craftwell, We had the pleasure of seeing & using the new machine. I know I am partial, however, I LOVE IT!! I am going to bring mine to stores where I am teaching so you can play with it, it is amazing!! Seriously, you have to go to the link above and see ALL that it can do - it is MORE than an ebosser, you can use ALL of your dies with it as well & it's ELECTRIC!! It's AMAZING!! ps.It's foolproof too! Ok, so I'm so sad how grainy my photo is of the dinner with the Craftwell team, they are so amazing and innovative!! They hired models, yes models to walk the show floor with the machines - very neat!! You can see Riley and Brian the sales directors for Teresa Collins Designs are even using the machine!

ok, I know you've been waiting... Here are the booth photos!! Again, so sorry for how grainy and lighting they are!

Top left to bottom right: Display wall on outside with Teresa, Memorabilia, Masquerade Party, Family Stories, Santa's List, opposite side of booth display wall on outside.
Booth samples from the design team girls! They were amazing, the design team is so talented!

Here are additional links to see videos from
*Masquared Party -
*Family Stories -
*Santa's List -
*Memorabilia -

What an experience, I was blown away!!! I had the best time ever!!

Last but not least...
I miss these girls and our nightly chats!! Each one of these ladies are so exciting and fun, laughed so hard my stomach hurt! Teresa, Tc, Amy & Gentry - Love you girls to the moon and back!! Thank you for such a memorable time!!!


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing trip!!

  2. I am blown away by all those gorgeous samples. so glad you enjoyed yourself!

  3. Hi Cheri, thanks for the lovely compliments!! I loved meeting you and Teresa, it was such a blast!! Oh and I wanted to tell you my last name is spell "Hasek" haha but thats okay.

    1. Oh Jordan, I'm so sorry, I will fix it!! I can't wait to see what you create and have you as a guest on the Teresa Collins Design team blog!!

    2. Oh I just saw this now that you had replied. It's not a problem! The post went up today!!! I'm so excited and happy!! Thank you Cheri!!!


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