Monday, August 5, 2013

Memorabilia inspirational altered mini album in a box using washi tape with video

This is a fun fun fun inspirational motivational album/home decor piece. I was so INSPIRED by this new collection and I LOVE all of the papers, I wanted something I could showcase in my home using this new line! I have had this tray by 7gypsies for over two years waiting for the right project "to come to me" and this was it. I am so pleased how well it turned out.

 You will be able to see and learn in the video below that this is put together using WASHI tape!!! Yes, I know right?!?  So if you don't watch video's there's a little how to at the end of the post for you!
 When you are creating your own album be sure to keep the heavier items towards the tray so your try does not tip over when you have it sitting out.
 I used just about everything from the new collection. I'm just so excited about it all... NEW layered stickers, oh hello... sequins, how about brass colored brads?!? Yes, Love those!! I cut and layered, Pop dots are my new best friend, In this book I have gone crazy with them! and the great thing is that they will not get "squished" over time because it's not your traditional book!

 Hello is one of the new Stamps!!
 Layers using pop dots - the frame, the layered stickers...
 The sentiments in this collection are just the best!

 Always be ready to have the time of your life - LOVE it!!
Dream big!! Love it! Such a fun piece don't you agree? Oh and I almost forgot, don't you just love a FANTASTIC chalkboard line? Here's a little how to using the tray as I did, if you use a different tray then just adjust measurements accordingly.
Measure the inside of your tray and create a "base" template from white card stock, my base was 11" x 6"
Cut page bases with white card stock - I measured the width of my tray to determine the size of my pages. My page bases were 5"w x 6"t. Corner round the outside corners of your white base pages.
Draw a line across the width every 1" on your base template.. This line will become your base page guides.
Lay your first base page on the first line, lay your washi tape 1/4" overlapping your base page and base template, wrap your washi tape around the back, you will need to trim away the washi tape from the 1/4" strip part before you wrap it around so your page will "flap" back and forth. Overlap your washi tape pattern from edge to edge on your page template (covering all the white from the base template).  Do this until you get to the edge.
Flip your page and do the same process, overlap a 1/4" on your base page and template, working from the back of page one towards page two overlap your washi tape again to cover the center of the white.
Lay page 2 base page on the 2nd line and add your washi tape.
It ended up that I used three strips of washi tape between each page and they overlapped beautifully as if it were one large strip!
Continue working your pages and washi tape. When you are complete, add another decorative strip of washi tape in the center between each page to give the book balance.

I hope you are inspired to create one of your own!!

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