Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Embossed sheet of Duct tape, clock project using the new TC eBosser

Hey everyone! As I have been playing with the new TCebosser I litterally have been looking high and low for anything that I can emboss on. When I was at the craft store I saw these sheets of duct tape and I thought my goodness, How cool would it look embossed?? So I gave it a try!
Turns out, it looks very pretty!

So I found a square shadow box and painted it black and decided to flip it around and make a fun clock! So here you can see where I am drilling a hole for the clock mechanism. 

Then I added the sheet of ductape and trimmed all of the excess away.

I found the numbers were just perfect for this project! You can still see all of the beautiful embossed designs and since it was pre-made it made it a breeze to complete this project.

Here's what it looks like all completed! Beautiful, quick and easy! I hope you are inspired to create one of your own!

Today is the final showing of the TCeBosser launch on HSN. 6pm eastern times, unless otherwise posted. 


  1. Beautiful Cheri! What an awesome idea for using one of Teresa Collin's embossing folders! I watched the 1:00 AM show and had to have some of the embossing folders myself. I can hardly wait until they get here.

    Thanks Cheri for sharing this awesome project!


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