Thursday, April 8, 2010

1st post!!!


Ok, so after reading a few blogging books and MUCH encouragement I am excited to put up my fist scrapbooking post. One book even said that I'll look back at this post with a strong urge to delete it. I may lack some of my "Livin out loud" personality at first but I'm OK with that, I will learn as I go. When that's not enough...well...see that BADGE on the right...The Casual Blogger conference, Oh YEAH, I'm going!!! I can hardly wait!!

This blog will host my scrapbooking life, sometimes a little about my Real Estate Business or a little of both.  I hope you find great inspiration and come back from time to time to see what I've been up to!

 When I saw this line "Welcome Home" created by Teresa Collins found here: Welcome Home By Teresa Collins DesignsI knew I HAD to make one of these albums for my clients that saved for a YEAR to buy their dream home. They dreamed, they brought friends and family to the model home and they never took their eyes off their goal of owning this home. They had picked their lot and prayed no one bought it before them. Their dreams came true and during construction I went and took photo's of the progress and made them this "WELCOME HOME" Album.

It's a clipboard that was cut by the carpenter that worked on their home - Pretty special! They can hang it on the wall as the clipboard has a special piece that pulls out for hanging. The back is covered in soft thin cork board to protect their wall or table. For the top I used scrapbook page extenders to hold the address portion. The inside are flip tags with progress noted in the "welcome home" frames - LOVE those! I adhered the tags to the key paper using strips of the paper that says home sweet home - those tags aren't going anywhere, lol! :) I thank you for looking and Congrats again Tom and Carolyn, may you have many happy years to come in your new home! :)

And now for a bit of Huge Exciting news! The Paper Life FEATURED the album on Monday!!!! If you have not had the pleasure of visiting The Paper Life's site, I HIGHLY encourage you to do so, it is chalked full of wonderful inspiration, and Amy is so wonderful and has the kindest heart!  So Please go check her site out, become a fan on Facebook, add it to your reader, I can not say enough, I have spent so much time looking around on The Paper Life's blog, JUST WOW!! Good Stuff!!

So with that said, I highly doubt that I'll look back on this first post and have the urge to delete it someday! Thank you for stopping by! Oh, you are more than welcome to leave comments! :) :) :) ~Cheri


  1. love it!! what an intense project! They will treasure it forever!

  2. Thanks Cheri for making our "home" special! You are such a down to earth person! friend! Thank you for the beautiful scrapbook of our home and for helping us along in this home purchase! You are AWESOME!!!! Carolyn & Tom Parker

  3. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! You did an amazing job on this. I love Teresa Collins and so look forward to her new releases!! I would love to know more on how you made this.

  4. just awesome Cheri cannot wait to see more here from your creative self!!!

  5. WOW this is incredible and such a thoughtful gift!!!!

  6. I know this is a way late post - but OMGoodness this is the coolest little book! You are a clever girl and I know we will be seeing much more from you!!! Congrats on the TC Design Team - you certainly belong there!

  7. I also think this book is one of the coolest things I have seen, I have been in my home in the uk for 8 years after buying brand new. I have similar pics to the ones you used and have bought the welcome home papers. I knew I wanted to document the stages of our new home with it but now I am going to do your project, do you have any instructions you could share? many thanks Wendy in the UK

  8. Fantastic first post!!! You should put up a tutorial for this great project!


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