Friday, April 9, 2010

The Excitement continues...

Words can not explain...

What an EXCITING WEEEK!!!! First the album being hosted on Monday on 
The Paper Life

Now this.....

What a HUGE HONOR...

I'm featured on Teresa Collins Designs Blog! Well, OK, both I and the Welcome home album are!

Click here ------> 
Teresa Collins Designs Blog  Friday's Spotlight! Please go check it out, all week they have been showing ideas on the TRAVEL LEDGER Line that was announced last week!  Teresa, Stephanie and Camille made gorgeous albums, I keep going back and looking, so much fun to look at! Jamie showed some great ideas on how to use it in just everyday layout pages, gorgeous! Candice showed really great cards, and yesterday...Stephanie showed ribbons that were stamped with the TRAVEL LEDGER stamps!!!

OK, Yes, ANYONE that knows me knows that I'm a HUGE fan of Teresa Collins Designs. The paper is double sided and well thought out. What I mean about well thought out is, you know when you are cutting something out of the paper then to realize OH darn, I wanted part of the other side and now look!!! I have done this so many times in the past, I can't buy it local so I have to make sure I don't mess up. She doesn't put those obvious papers together on one sheet, for example on the WELCOME HOME line, the frames paper that clearly could be used as I did by cutting them has the patterned home sweet home words on the back, I didn't accidentally cut anything out that I needed. I know it's really trivial, but it's something I look at when I buy my supplies. 

So besides that bit of goodness, aren't the lines Gorgeous!!! I mean, wow!!! I'm drawn to them like white on rice, I just received the Chick babe boy and girl lines and they are beyond amazing the pictures just don't do them justice, wait till you see what I have in mind for them, Oh wait, I've got nothing, I'm going to go stare at them some more today, HA!!! I wish I knew someone getting married so I could play with the MR. &. MRS. line, Isn't June right around the corner, where's the weddings???? More than anything though, I can't wait to get the new one, TRAVEL LEDGER that was just released, I have PLANS for that one! 

Anyway, What a week! Blessed in more ways than one. Have a great day! If the sun hangs out at all today I may get some pictures taken and do another post.  ~Cheri

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