Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mothers journal book for baby...

I adore baby books of any kind. I was so new to scrapbooking when "E" was a baby and such a young mom that I always look back with some regret. Whenever I make a baby book of any kind I try to give the mom to be many ideas on how to preserve how she is doing, how her baby is doing...document it all...every bit of it you can capture, because sad but true...time flies. Our babies grow up so fast...

This is a custom album I did a few months ago for a friend. This is a Mother's first year album that she can write in during the first year of her baby's life. There are 26 pages total, enough for 52 weeks with the intent that hopefully at least once a week she can document the baby's life and her memories.

In the picture with the envelope, could you's first hair cut, news clippings of current events...

I have another book that I started yesterday, it is such an AWESOME idea, an idea I've had since last AUGUST, can you imagine?!? My poor head! I'm hoping I can finish it tomorrow... I am so excited, I told someone about it and they responded..NO WAY!!! WOW!!! So of course I can't hardly wait to be able to get back to it..but tonight, it's about hanging out with the family. ~Cheri

Oh the front of the album was from a kit from the House of 3 digital downloads...which I remember altering. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of them too! :)


  1. Your work is soooooo amazing!!!!!

  2. How lovely. I have twin grandbabies on the way and this would be great! Thanks for the inspiration!


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