Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Hallway Art - 12 Months of back yard photo's

I always thought it was so neat to open a scrapbook magazine to see someone who had done a layout of the four seasons of their yard or a special tree, to have that kind of dedication always "wowed" me in some way.

When we moved into our new home a few years back I took that idea just a little further. You see, we live on a creek so it is ever changing. The first week of every month that first year I stood in the same spot and took a photo of our back yard. When the year was over I created a page for each photo and hung the pages in the hall for our guests, family and friends to enjoy. The months are rub ons that are on extra large paint sticks that our neighbor cut to size for me.

I know...WHAT are the chances that it snowed when I needed it to???

Coming home every day to this, is amazing. Our home is our sanctuary, where we come after a long day at work to have peace, quiet and relax. We don't take many vacations because here is a little like a vacation every day. Have a great weekend and thanks for viewing our little "peace" on earth! ~Cheri

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