Monday, May 31, 2010

Casual Blogger Conference - Part one

We got back last night yesterday from the Casual Blogger conference. What a wonderful experience. I have all these wonderful emotions that I want to share and I thought that after a REALLY good nights sleep I would have a better handle on what I wanted to share.... I dreamed about BABIES all night long... O man I have the FEVER! So my thoughts are still a jumbled mess but here goes and I hope as I sit here and drink my coffee and push those baby thoughts to bay I hope I can focus on what I want to really say. husband is running for the hills, he could totally see the sparkle in my eyes.

The event started out Thursday night with GIRLS NIGHT OUT! 

Way fun! I got the pleasure to meet Teresa in person and let me tell you - if you follow her blog - she has the biggest heart, is so sincere and everyone there loved her! She had make and takes, one of which was a flower pin - you could see ladies wearing them thru-out the weekend - no two were alike! We had such a good time and had the opportunity to get to know each other. I am so blessed to have someone like her in my life, BLESSED I tell you! :)

I had myself a little manicure with Annie - Who by the way is even funnier in PERSON, Just saying - glad I didn't have to - well you know "P". I will say this - Annie when I was sitting next to you and we decided to have matching nails - I failed to ask about your blog until the next day - then I was "OH- There's the lightbulb - it's coming on now..." You have no idea how much joy you bring me! And if you EVER move back "home" I'd love to help you - I'll be sure not to drink anything that day! :)

This is Shavanna, My Mother in law, My substitute mom, My ROCK! She had so much fun making this lip gloss. The girls night out event was incredible. I just can't say it enough.

The friends I have made are like none other, the bonds that I made are going to be long lasting friendships. Everyone that I spoke with I'm sure will agree with this - "everlasting". I wish I had taken more photo's! 

This is Tonya, her and I hit it off like we've known each other for ever. In fact many people thought we had! She is so wonderful and funny and my experience would not have been the same with out her! PS - a little plug for my girl Tonya - She designs websites and blogs! 

Other new friends whom I will always treasure just to name a few - There are SOOOO many, if I've left you out, please know - it's not on purpose! :) Erin, RachelCaroline, Heidi - Heidi's little boy STOLE my heart! 

Ha, there were classes too! Lots of classes, too many to choose from! Good stuff. I'll share what I learned tomorrow - Have a wonderful day!  ~Cheri


  1. It was AWESOME wasn't it?
    I'm not sure if I met you at GNO or not. You requested to my friend on FB, so maybe we met!
    So many people I met! So many NEW blogs to stalk! :)

    I am SO glad I got to meet so many cool people! :)

  2. Hey Cheri,

    It was so great to meet you at CBC! Wasn't it amazing! My favorite part was meeting so many new amazing friends! Thanks for being apart of my great weekend!

    Take care new friend!

    Blue Cricket Design

    p.s. I too am soooo baby hungry!

  3. ok i didn't meet you there. (or maybe i did, i still have a stack of cards to go thru) but i just clicke don ur link from trapped between a scream and a hug blog and i think ur adorable!!!!

    dangit. next year can we be bff's?!

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