Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

The last couple of days week I have been full of anxiety. It's ALLLLLLL good stuff that's happening. There's just so much good stuff I have to make a list, stay out of my own way, BREATHE in & BREATHE out....

I think part of my problem is that I HAVE NOT been able to go "create & play" on my new project in my art room in three days. I am one whole of two things that make me who I am....and until recently I wouldn't have said this EVEN in my HEAD, so here goes...admitting it is the first step right? lol! I'm part ARTIST - yes, I am.  I'm part artist and I'm part ????? Real Estate Agent - well, that doesn't sound right... I'm the one you come to when you want to purchase a new HOME or to sell one memory for a NEW memory. I don't know what the right word is but to me sometimes the words "Real Estate Agent" just isn't right, I'm so much more than that. Anyways, without these two things coming be the wife, mom & friend that I am, I get all overwhelmed inside. Like I'm a little off kilter.

So, I'm making my lists & I'm going to stay out of my own way so I can go and play. I have much to do and prepare for in order to go to the Casual Blogger Conference next week. Files getting ready to close while I'm away, a couple of new listings between this weekend and when I leave, one of my out of state clients' rental properties (mm hmm, property management too!) is getting an overhaul - coordinating everyone.

I can check off one REALLY great thing - my daughter "E" turned 16 yesterday!!!! We're going to have a really great party for her in a couple of weeks, so that is pretty exciting. We celebrated with the family and a few friends to keep her tied over until then. We're letting her paint her room & when I say "we" I really mean Danny - he's been fighting her for a few years but thanks to Shavanna - his MOM, she gets her WISH. I am so excited for her. She is in her room right now preparing to move into the guest room. Thanks Shavanna - she's one very happy girl!

You know, I'm not feeling as overwhelmed as when I first sat down to write this.~Cheri

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  1. I so relate... can't wait to meet you!


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