Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making up for lost time...Here's to all my Twilight friends...

I am one of those mom's. Yep, that's me, I work A LOT. So to make up for lost time, I took my girl and her best friend on a trip, a surprise trip... To FORKS, Yeah, I'm one of those mom's. I became one very, very cool mom in one car ride. It was 2008 and the last book had just been released, which at the time I remember saying...What...Twilight what? Who?

I did a ton of research and found tourist information on the internet and didn't tell either of the girls where we were going, just got them up and out of bed at the crack of dawn for an adventure I was sure they'd enjoy!

This is Bella's house:

The Cullens house

This is the "baseball field" - where they meet James & Victoria for the first time. We actually had pulled to the side of the road and I was reading the map thinking...we must be close, then the girls noticed the baseball bat on top of the half wall - it was kind of eerie, we were the only ones there. (It was located off the beaten path between Forks and LaPush)


We had such a good time, it is to this day one of my most favorite memories with my girl E. If your ever in the area and are planning a Twilight trip I'd be happy to send you information. :)

I have since read the series (at least twice)

Last year E, Brianna, her mom and I went to the Midnight showing of New Moon - I'm not that kind of mom this year! That is exhausting!  We'll be previewing the movie tomorrow! The countdown is almost over! Any one else going?    ~Cheri

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