Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun filled weekend!

This weekend we had long time friends over. We have known Jim now for almost 20 years, we're all officially feeling old now! Our kids are growing up so fast! We haven't really seen them for any good length of time in years, to many to count, a really good visit was due.

While the boys sat in the shade out back, Brittney and I sat in the sun and read our magazines...

She's going to go for it and enter a layout for the Creating Keepsakes Teen Talent Search. YAY!! I'm so excited for her! She was so excited to come and see my scrap studio, her and Kylie were in awe, lol. They thought it was like a store.

Kylie is a great big burst of sunshine, she is inquisitive, she has a million questions and absorbs a lot of information. She is amazing & funny.

Elisha played pool with the girls upstairs while the grown ups visited and made lunch, Jim brought me Alfy's Pizza from Seattle as a surprise. It was so good, the sauce...YUM! Made a little home sick.

For dinner we bar-b-qued and made smores around the fire pit, we learned the Gage way to make smores - add a peanut butter cup - that was a little too good!

I taught the girls how to make paper rosettes and fabric flowers. They loved these, no matter how many times they burned their little fingers with the hot glue, they were hooked! Each one was different and they each developed their own style.

Kylie - concentrating really hard.

Brittney's in the making, tight twists.

I was so sad to see the weekend end and having to go to early on Sunday to my open house..Thank you Dave who opened it up for me and gave me a couple of extra hours to spend with our good friends, our extended family. ~Cheri

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