Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CHA happiness and a few fav's I've seen so far

I love CHA which is the Craft and Hobby Association

Someday I hope to attend just to take it all in. It overwhelms my mind just to see all of the fun over the internet. Ahhh... Someday. There are so many talented companies, and products Oh my!

Teresa Collins Stamp Maker WON for:  
Innovations Runner Up - Photocentric for the Stamp Maker (Booth # 1343)
Photocentric's Stamp Maker
This is a great big huge deal, there are so many products and companies just to be nominated is an honor. I'm soooo beyond excited and proud of her!

Runner Up

Last summer was the first one I "tuned" into on the net and last winter I was hooked into watching on Facebook or company blogs (thank you google reader & Twitter) 

Another good tip: follow AMY COON with THE PAPER LIFE! She is there right now interviewing various companies and capturing it on video. She interviewed Making Memories yesterday and we got to see all their new lines! I ADORE Amy, her blog is beyond awesome, tons of great ideas and inspiration all of the time!

Another great source for all of the new scrapbooking product releases: The Scrap Review.

Besides Loving all things Teresa Collins...

BL1912 Paisley's Flower

I have other fav's and I thought I'd share a few with you today, Warning it's a long post today! Hope you enjoy!!!

Graphic 45's booth last winter just blew me away! I couldn't wait to see what it would look like this time... I'm just starting to spy pictures, from the different companies. The Craft Critique had some good ones this morning, to see more go to their blog.

Ok, LOVE the hat! How awesome!! Serious inspiration happening here!

I am beyond smitten with this line from Crate Paper, it's called Restoration:

Chipboard 3
6 x 6 pad

Heading 2
I just may be the last person in the universe to not own a Sizzix machine, or any other machine you could run the Tim Holtz Alterations thru... But IF I did....


Speaking of machines... This little gem is so neat looking!
And how about this? Configurations - On my coolness ranking I'd give it a big fat 10! 
Ok, so Tim and Ranger (love those distress stickles!!! Although I should probably have all the new inks from the winter show release to accompany them, lol!) So many new items, lets just go on record and say, yes, I love it all! 
Ok, One More then I'll quit...This is NOT to say I don't have more fav's, but how long can a blog post be before you all loose some serious interest??? 
Love the flower darlings, ruffled darlings, TICKETS and how cute are those Anthology Notes? Seriously adorable collection. So, YES, I'm aware the right side of the picture is cutting off, sorry! It's either a little cut off or so small you can't see it, However if you click on the Pink Paislee link above you'll be able to see the WHOLE Picture. :)  

Have a great day! ~Cheri

PS, What are your favorites so far? Leave me a comment and let me know what you've seen out there that you have your eyes on. :)

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  1. You and I have VERY similar tastes! I am so in love with anything Hof3, and cannot wait to see these IRL! Also loving the Pink Paislee! I need to start shopping!!


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