Saturday, July 31, 2010

One more...

I was having so much fun just playing around that I made one more AND I learned a little something, so you have a tip coming.

I made myself a little summertime key chain and I used the word CHERISH from the transparencies from the last post... I just simply cut the SH off the end to customize it "Cheri".

Super cute.
Here's my tip: put your adhesive BEHIND the printed side of the transparency otherwise your image could smear just a tad when you are smoothing out any bubbles. OOPS! Live and learn, I still think it's cute. ~Cheri


  1. AMAZING.....we have that same skill of seeing past what is in front of us and finding the potential for other things!!!!

  2. Now that was clever! I could use the "Cher" I guess! LOL!

  3. Great idea! Found you through Teresa C's blog. Wish I was close, love to take a class with ya.

  4. @ Stephanie, YES we do! I've noticed that about you too :)
    @ Cheryl, Thank you! Yes you could!
    @ Karey, Thank you, I'm so glad you found me! Glad you like it. ✿


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