Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy birthday album

I was purging files yesterday and getting all organized and such on my laptop and came across one of my most favorite albums.  My girlfriend Paige's birthday album. It's funny, she's been on my mind a lot lately. I must go see my good friend soon. Paige picked out every thing and I just went to town with her choices. I put so much love and attention into her album. She took it to her party and had her friends journal in it, she's just smart that way. I can't believe I have not posted this sooner. Here's to you miss Paige!

The word Birthday is made with Shrinky dinks! Super fun.

Those are little pearl beads on her crown. I cut the frame out twice and layered it with glaze and sparkles. the wing/crown is from a package of Tim Holtz grunge board shapes. I painted the wing then added a decorative rub on that went perfect with it.

I used distressing embossing powders on the tops of the punched pages.

The flappy pieces are the strips that have the manufacturers name from the bottom of the paper cut off and instead of thrown away I just folded and sewed together for the border.

This was an acrylic page. Paige's party was at a winery, how awesome!!

I made the little envelope that's on the left, it would be great to hold party napkins or tickets, fun. That's a mini file folder album on the right, I binded it with a paint chip strip then sewed it on.

I love inking and glazing flowers, I love, love, love glossy accents!

So many details in this book, so many.  Thanks for looking!

So, I got a call today from a fan, my first call, I was so excited!!! She just had a question on how I had made one of my books. I thought that was so nice, Thank you Gwen you really made my day, it was great talking with you!

Have a great day! ~Cheri


  1. Oh Cheri, this book is AMAZING!! You are such an inspiration:-)

  2. This is fantastic Cheri! Well done.

  3. this book is more than amazing and I am honored to be the recipient of it! It made a 60th birthday a piece of cake!
    Thank you so much Cheri!

  4. Cheri you are continuing to AMAZE me! This book book certainly has tons of love in it! You are one talented and sweet person!
    ~Linda Wilder

  5. Very nice. I just love the Shrinky Dinks. Thanks for the inspiration, Cheri.

  6. Thank you everyone, Especially you miss Paige, So happy that you like it. xoxo - Cheri


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