Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to... Make a lolly or pinwheel

Pinwheels or Lollies -  This is how I made the one on the bottom of the calendar. Also shown earlier this month on Teresa's Blog.

Depending on what is going to be the center of your lolly is how wide you will cut your paper strip, your length should be 12 inches. For this lolly I cut my strip 1 and 3/4 wide, which will double in width once completed .


Then you will start making your folds. For anyone that enjoys taking their time or having precise even folds, you could score your folds as I do. For some people like my self, I get to the end of folding and it's not so straight, so scoring is what works for me and I just use my paper trimmer and score every 1/4 inch. Your result should look something like this.

You'll glue your ends together, mine do over lap one fold and that's ok.

Make a "Tee-Pee"

Gently push down, *Tip: this works best on a slicker surface, I've used my table top and since it's wood It catches on the grain and doesn't work as nicely.


I cut a round piece of chipboard to give it more stability and glue it on, you can also add one on the bottom so it's nice and flat when you add it to your project.  *Tip: Hot glue works better for this part, dries quicker and is thicker to catch those folds. This is also when I add any distress ink to the edges.

Add your center and your all done. *Tip: Really take a look at the paper you have, for the strip I used the back of the "Thank you paper" from the Giving thanks line, knowing that the center will cover most of the white and will leave me with the pretty decorative edge. My center which is from the tags page with the words, solid color and decorative center just worked out to be a great match.

This post was also shared on Teresa's Blog Please also take a look at how she makes them as well! Have a great one! ~Cheri

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