Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coffee Filter Wreath

Last week I was watching the Martha Stewart Show and she showed us how to make these beautiful wreaths out of coffee filters, WHO KNEW? Right?  I quickly texted my friend Charlie and told her to watch and that we had to make these. So we ran up to the dollar store bought these gorgeous round silver platters (I wanted mine larger that what Martha's directions called for, lol!) I had a new bottle of the glitter and glue so the supplies that I needed, less than six bucks, LOVE that!

Large round plate (cut the center out using just the rim)
Coffee Filters (3 packages was enough for two wreaths)
Plain white glue
Martha Stewart prisma glitter
Ribbon to hang and I added a large jingle bell to the center of mine.

I love all that sparkle!!! I used the entire bottle of glitter!! To see what Charlie did with hers, you can check hers out here: Lavendar Lover

Coffee Filter Wreath How-To
1. Cut a circle from the inside of a stiff paper plate, leaving a ring.

2. Punch two holes next to each other in ring and thread a ribbon through holes from back to front; tie ribbon in front and trim ends.

3. Stack one coffee filter on top of another. Pinch bottom in center and fold in half. Continue pinching filter with one hand, and encircle edges around center with other hand. Draw hand from bottom to top to bunch into a blossom; squeeze at pinched point to hold shape.
Note: For cupcake liners, use same method, but use only one liner.

4. Glue pinched ends of filters or liners side by side around ring with hot glue, with blossoms pointing outward; add another set of blossoms to ring, pointing toward center. Fill in with more blossoms, staggering to fill out wreath.

5. Brush watered-down craft glue onto wreath with a stiff brush; sprinkle with glitter. Use hot glue to attach a bow to wreath, if desired.

Read more at Coffee Filter Wreath - Martha Stewart Holidays 

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Have a great day! Cheri


  1. That is so cool! Would you consider doing a video/instructional for us see one/do one instead of read how/do one girls? lol

  2. Wow, that's fabulous! It looks so elegant - who'd have thought?!

  3. Love this Cheri!!! Martha Stewart does has some FABULOUS ideas:-)

  4. Love this wreath and the sparkle from the glitter. So cute!

  5. Just beautiful. So amazing what you can do with a little imagination.


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