Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Ball and day 9 of 25 favorite things on Teresa's blog....

Elisha went to winter ball last weekend with her boyfriend Robert.  Let me tell you I was OVER THE TOP excited when she told me they were going!! She was even excited to go DRESS shopping, she went on the internet and searched for "The Dress".  We went to the store that had the dress she saw online and of course, they did not have even one in stock - and we only had mere days to find one. However, we lucked out and she found another in the same store that she loved...and...are you ready... It had Pink in it!! One store one dress, could not believe our good fortune!!

My friend Charlie came over and helped me help her get ready and she took a ton of photo's for me. Thank you so much Charlie for all of your help!! 

The night before Charlie and I were talking about any last minute things we would need and we can she go to her fist date dance and not have a bit of AQUA NET... if your old enough you will be laughing out loud! Of course I ran out and picked some up, almost half shocked they still make it! But they changed the formula - it does not stink as it once did nor does it HOLD like it used too, I almost felt robbed. O'well. 

E was such a good sport - she let me do WHATEVER I wanted with her hair and make-up!! So I curled it in ringlets and added one of Taylors clips from the Blingage collection! I loved the experience so much, so thankful she just let me have a mommy moment of pure joy!!

DAY 9 of Teresa's 25 days of favorite things....7 Gypsies!!! I am just jumping for joy for the chance to win this, and you can too! Go to her blog for details!!


Good Luck!! Have a great day! ~Cheri


I read all of my comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me one, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!!!

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