Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011

I'm so EXCITED for 2011... So much goodness is in the air.

I finally found my "One Little Word" or rather it found me, in a few different ways. I had several words the last few days that were rolling around but something happened this evening, something good and it made me realize I had found it. Create, It means more to me that what one would normally think the word to mean. "One little word" is a phenomenon that Ali Edwards started and has caught on like a ripple effect, grows bigger and deeper each year.


For me it means, yes, create art. Create good paths to follow, create good friendships, new friendships - everlasting friendships, create meals my family won't gag on, create experiences for my clients that will create bonds of everlasting friendships, create meaningful time with my family, create goodness to surround myself in.

So, speaking of creating, I've been creating for CHA, I'm so excited!!! I won't be attending but I'll be there in spirit watching blogs and videos and for photo's to appear on Facebook.

This week has also been busy at the office so I'm trying my very best to manage my time and prioritize so that after I'm done working hard, I can create hard. Speaking of hard... Started back on my exercise routine...YIKES, really... I hadn't really watched what I was eating very well over the holidays...5lbs I gained...ugh! I'd rather get a route canal then exercise but it is what it is... oh and eat better! HA! I won't say goodbye to my coffee but I'll compromise and give up half my chocolate intake...who can create with out chocolate..c'mon!! lol!!

Speaking of creating, I really needed something "new" to spice me up right before the holidays so I brought out Grandma's baubles, took apart some of her old old old Avon jewlery, watched a few you tube video tutorials on how to make these little satin flowers and made myself a little something old "NEW" again!

Yeah, how about that sideways photo??? It's straight on in my computer but here, not so much!! I've tried to fix it, but my blog is stubborn, so I'm not going to sweat it and get all stressed, if YOU just put your left ear to your shoulder, you should see it perfectly!

So, how cute is that? I've gotten SO many compliments on it and I now have a sweet little addiction to making those flowers. Just go to you tube and search for how to make satin flowers or satin flower tutorial, there's so many to watch.

Have a great one! ✿ Cheri


  1. OK, that is soooooo pretty! I love the flowers!

  2. It is very lovely. Such an honor to your Grandma.

  3. I LOVE IT! Yet another video for you to make! :)

  4. Wonderful job, cheri and I also LOVE your word for the Year!! Sweet way to remember Gma.

  5. Oh this so cute! I love that it is "recycled" Just found your blog. Love reading over your posts.


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