Monday, February 21, 2011

Art Journal Album...

I've had some people e-mail me lately and ask if I have an art journal album. Why, YES, Yes I do!

Art journals are so popular and it's fun to be super creative and play with lots of paint and ink, there are so many mediums you can use to create your art journals.

I've been a little hesitant to share mine specifically as mine has evolved from goals and dreams to conversations with GOD, most of you know that my being a real estate agent that I don't attend church with my family on Sundays as I do Open Houses Every Sunday. It's funny though, how this was originally my hopes and dreams, goal setting journal, then it just evolved to my conversations with God.

So, although I am hesitant, I'm going to just share a couple of pictures. I'm not very far into it, I'm still pretty new to this - although my first page was created over a year ago, I look at it so much that some of the pages are actually coming out.

This is the front of mine, it's from an old set of encyclopedia's. The pages are super strong and have a glossy sheen to them. I like the title "The Book of Knowledge" so much that I haven't gotten around to altering it. I think I might just leave it, although I'm not a huge fan of the navy blue - I'd take suggestions on ways to alter it though, lol!

ok, I blurred out the words, my journaling is really private, but I wanted to show, that this is what one of my typical pages looks like - LOTS & LOTS of journaling. I don't have any paint on this page - just some mist here and there. Oh, and I have a thing for duct tape - see the stip of it at the top - Black and White Zebra print. The Black and white Damask ruffles at the bottom are made from some edges of paper napkins and I have it adhered to the page with some tissue tape. My background for this is from a shopping bag. I just loved the pink on pink w/squares and knew I could re-use it some time.

So there you go, there's a little glimpse of my art journal book. Hope you enjoyed the peek!

Have a great day!! ~Cheri


  1. SO cool! I have an altered vintage book that I made for this purpose, but have not yet done anything in it. I really should. In fact, I'm going to blog my book today, and it may give me the boost I need to get going!

    Thanks for inspiring me! xx

  2. I love the altered book. I am so inspired to start one too. You are amazing. :)SESIL

  3. Wow..that was really special that you shared this very personal piece of you...You are always so inspiring and sweet! Thanks Cheri

  4. I love this, such a cool idea. I have an award for you over at my blog. feel free to pick it up.


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