Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Layout using Teresa Collins On The Edge and Core'dinations

I am loving this line On the Edge by Teresa Collins Designs, It has so much to play with! I'm getting a kick out of the stamps too! I love that Ty's Stars fit perfectly inside the stamped star images. 

The Core'dinations paper when sanded reveals a matching blue, I'm so loving these papers!

Core’dinations; On The Edge Papers: Words, Guitar, Griffin paper,  Plaid & Tags, Trims, Stamps, Brads, Die Cut Card Set & Elements. Blingage: Ty’s Stars. Misc: Sand paper, sewing machine w/black thread, edge distresser.


Preparing your page components:

1.    Cut Guitar paper 6.5 x4.5
2.    Cut Plaid paper 9.5 x 4 ¾
3.    Cut  a strip of stars from the tags (back side) paper and trim to 9 inches
4.    Cut top of Griffin paper 7 ¾ x 1 ½
5.    Cut out from words paper Genuine and Boy
6.    Punch out from Die Cut Card Set: all boy and star sheild tag
7.    With your edge distresser, distress around all edges of items 1-6.

Assembling your page:
Sand your paper revealing blue Fleur Di Li's
     Adhere your 4x6 photo to back side of guitars paper.
     Adhere your photo with border to plaid paper 7/16 from left edge of plaid paper centering vertically on paper and adhere plaid paper to your Core’dinations base paper with right sides even.
     Adhere stars strip one inch from left side of paper abutting the bottom of your plaid paper.
     Adhere Griffin paper even with left side of stars paper also abutting the bottom of stars.
     Adhere word genuine 1 ½ from left side of paper overlapping bottom of griffin paper ¼ inch, leaving a space adhere the word boy to the right of genuine.
     Adhere star shield tag ½ inch from right side of plaid paper overlapping the upper right of your photo.
     cut a 2inch length of blue ribbon from the trims paper and fold in half and tuck under the photo mat ¼ inch below the star shield tag.
     Adhere the tag All Boy a ¼ inch from the right of photo matt and ¼ below the ribbon.

Stamp double star in black ink with the top of the star ½ inch from top of top right page three times.
Stamp inside the crest frame on lower right of paper over the inner star creating a black outline.
Stamp the word all boy even with the top of your plaid paper five times.

Stitch ¼ from right side on plaid paper starting and ending on your base paper.
Stitch ⅛ inch from edge of stars and griffin paper and the left side of the word genuine
Stitch along upper edge of genuine and boy starting above the 2nd letter N in Genuine and ending  just before the B in boy.
Stitch along upper left side of plaid paper starting on base paper.

Adhere Blue and Grey chipboard Star Element and place over third star from left below photo.

Adhere Ty’s stars in center of stamped stars and on top of chipboard element star.

punch hole in paper ½ inch from the left side of genuine and insert blue on blue star brad.

Adhere black bead trim around bottom left corner: 1 ¾ on left side and then a strip 7 ½ along bottom, don’t try to do this with out cutting the strips and adhering them, because they are beads and so small you won’t be able to achieve a crisp corner - it will turn out rounded.

Have a great one! ~Cheri

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  1. Love this page, Cheri! I love all the distressing and the stamped/blinged stars!


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