Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a weekend...

There has been so much going on, Not sure where to even start here.

Lets see, did you know that I was published for the very first time? I was!! So excited!!

Here is the magazine, it's a special edition called Creative Spaces, I have a spot in the decorate your space, it's a wall calendar using the Giving Thanks line by Teresa Collins. (ps, her space is in the magazine too! Go get a copy here)

My project is also featured in the sneak peak here: "Creative spaces magazine by Creating Keepsakes" sneak peak

Memorial weekend, well lets just say it will probably be my most memorable! I was slicing an onion and then the top of my pinky finger. Yeah, ouch! I won't show you the fun pictures we took, like the one of watching the blood pulsate as my heart was beating...that after many many hours of appyling presure we were still managing to keep the bleeding down, that how on Monday my husband was ready to take me to the ER so we could sit there for hours to have the doctors tell us that they can't do anything because there is nothing to stitch to. I must say, a few days later, the bleeding has stopped. And thanks to Denise (a big thank you girlfriend) has helped us with keeping it clean and bandaged properly. Now to just figure out how to keep from banging it on things, lol!! and the pain...is getting better... (thank you Nana!)

Speaking of Nana's, My grandmother that I have mentioned here and here, passed away over the holiday weekend too. I just was told today. We all knew it was coming, but still, it's a shock, she was in her 90's. She lived a long full life and she was ready, I'm happy for her, no more pain. Still it's a shock.


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  1. Congratulations on being published - I'm shocked this is the first time. I love everything you make, especially the wall calendar.


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