Sunday, June 12, 2011

Addicted to flowers - Tutorial

I adore this cute little wall hook picked up from Ben Franklin. 

“Decorative Wall Hook”
Designed by: Cheri Piles
Featuring: Teresa Collins Designs – Timeless, Blingage & Blingage II

Labels paper, flocked paper, gray damask, decorative brads, chipboard elements, die cut card set, Gentry’s glitter, Donna’s gems. Wood Door hook, Claudine Hellmuth studio matte, hot glue, 1.5 inch chipboard circle.


Preparing your page components:

  1. Cut the following pieces from your papers:
      Cut back side of labels paper to size for your door hook plaque, 7.5 x 3.5
      Cut flocked paper strips for outer edge in half inch strips.
      Punch out black tag from die cut card set sheet.
      Punch out quote in pink oval from chipboard elements.

  1. For flower:
·         Cut 14 flower petals out of gray damask as shown in photos.

  • Brush studio matte around edges
  • Dip in Gentry’s glitter around glued edges – let dry all the way.

  • Roll petals around a pen
  • Gently unroll petals and place them facing the same direction so your petals all match. Hot glue a puddle onto the middle of your chipboard circle and start layering your petals in a circle.
  • Add another puddle of hot glue in the center and layer your 2nd layer of petals overlapping your first layer.
  • After glue is all dry pierce hole in center
·         Place brad in center.

  1. Glue back of labels paper to front of plaque.
  2. Glues strips of flocked paper to edges of plaque.
  3. Glue the black tag onto the labels paper – just a bit off center.
  4. Hot glue your flower to the black tag.
  5. Peel off sticky backing from chipboard quote and place in bottom right – just overlapping the bottom of the black tag.
  6. Measure and cut length from black gems from the Donna’s Gems (Blingage II) place along both the top and bottom of plaque.
I find that I am now looking at every piece of damask paper in a new way now, I just love making these flowers. Hope you will too!

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  1. Seriously? Totally how you made the flower.


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