Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haunted Hallows Halloween Layout inspiration

Gosh I am sad that Halloween is almost here!! I have to say I really have the "spooky" bug! I have been decking the halls so to speak with the Haunted Hallows line.

Haunted Hallows paper used:
Chandelier Crows, Calendar, Poison (side B), Witch (side B), Frames (side B), Words.
Haunted Hallows Stamp Set
Misc: Olive Green, light lime green, and black card stock. Black ink, orange and black buttons, photo corner punch, circle cutter, corner rounder, ThermOWeb 3d foam squares.

Preparing your papers:
Cut a 1 1/2 strip of side B of Poison paper.
Cut side B frames paper 7 1/2 x 3
Cut 1 1/4 x 1 3/4 from your chandelier paper (don't cut the crows - just the print part because you will stamp on it)
Cut a 1/2 inch strip from your light lime green paper
Punch 3 photo corners from black card stock

For your Lollies -
1 .Cut a 1 3/4 inch strip from your Chandelier Crows side B paper (this will make both - but do your folds first then cut one 1 inch and the other 3/4 - then you don't have to fold twice)
2. Cut a 1/2 strip of side b witch
3. cut a 1 1/4 strip of side b frames.
4. With your circle cuter: light lime green cut a 1 1/8 and a 2 1/4 circle, from your olive green cut 2 - 1 3/8 and one 1 3/4 circle. from black cut a 3 inch and a 1 1/4 circle. from side b of witch cut a 1 inch circle.

Assembling your page:
1. Add your side b of poison paper to the top of the Words paper.
2. Adhere your light lime green strip abutting the bottom of orange zig zag paper on the left side.
3. Mount your photo onto light lime green paper, mat again onto black card stock and again onto olive green card stock.
4. Attach top of photo to side b of frames paper (the small orange and cream paper) then attach to your page with the dots paper 3/4 from right side.
5. Stamp skull onto light lime green paper, stamp spider onto orange dots and stamp Trick or treat onto chandelier paper.
6. Corner round your the left edges of Trick or treat and Mat your trick or treat onto olive green card stock and corner round edges. Attach to page keeping even with top of olive green mat of photo.
7. Assemble your lollies and attach to page.
8. Attach photo corners to left sides and lower right corner.

Haunted Hallows paper used:
Frames, Words (side B), Chandelier Crows, Spiderweb, Candelabras (side B)
Blingage: Amber's jewels
Haunted Hallows stamp set
Misc: Black, orange, and purple ink. 3 sheets of black card stock, one sheet of red and purple card stock. Cricut Expression and decorative edges cartridge, Black ribbon, ThermOWeb 3d foam squares.

Preparing your page:
1.With your Cricut cut an 11 inch scallop frame from Spider web paper, lay over black card stock and cut border
2. Cut Candelabras paper 9 x 11 5/8 an put on left side of black card stock
3. Cut Frames paper and mat with red card stock and attach for spider web paper
4. Double mat your photo with black and then purple card stock and attach centering onto frames paper and showing the three frames on the left side
5. Cut a strip from side b of Words paper and mat with purple card stock and attach to the right side.
6. Stamp orange pumpkin border into boxes on right. Stamp large spider in upper right of words strip. Stamp witch onto scrap and punch out just the silhouette with a circle puch and place in a circle frame and mat with another circle from scraps.
7. Cut the decorative border off at the bottom of Chandelier crows, fold your strip to create your lollie and attach your witch center.
8. Attach your ribbon between your words strip and your scallop page.
9. Attach your lollie.
10. Attach the word "halloween" using 3d foam squares.

Haunted Hallows papers used:
Calendar;both sides, Chandelier Crows (side B), Poison (side B), Candelabras (both sides), Damask (side B), Spiderweb (both sides)
Haunted Hallows Stamp set
Misc: 2 sheets of each - Green and black card stock, ThermOWeb 3d foam squares.

prepare your page:
Cut out "calendar" frame (set the calendar part aside)
Cut green 10.5 x 10.5
Cut Damask side B 10 1/4 x 10 1/4
Cut two strips from spiderweb paper: 1/2 x 7 and 1 1/4 x 7
Crop October off of calendar to 8 x 1 1/4 (keeping web on right side)
Cut poison paper (side B) 1 1/4 x 7
Cut black card stock 10 1/4 x 7 3/8
Cut 10 1/4 x 1 inch strip from calendar paper
Cut Chandelier paper 1 x 10 1/4 slide under left side
Cut out "Scary" and mat on black card stock
Cut green card stock 5 1/4 by 7

Assembling your page:
1. Use one of your black card stock pages as your base
2. Adhere the calendar frame.
3. Adhere damask paper side b to green card stock and center into middle of page allowing small black border from your base to show through
4. Adhere your photo onto your green card stock with border at top and bottom
5. Adhere spider web paper strip to top of black card stock leaving 1/4 border along sides.
6. Adhere photo under spiderweb strip
7. Adhere October under photo keeping left side even with strip
8. Adhere side b poison zig zag strip under October
9. Adhere side b paper strip under zig zag paper.
10. Adhere black dots under left side of black card stock (with all your layers)
11. adhere spider strip under right side of black card stock (with all your layers.)
12. Adhere your black card stock with all of your layers onto your page leaving a one inch border along left side.
13. Attach "Scary" using 3D foam squares to upper left of photo area.
14. Stamp the smallest spider stamp randomly on right side of October on the web and just under the letters O and C and once on lower right of zig zag strip.

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