Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mini travel album with template instructions

This is a very compact and easy to carry around in your purse kind of journal that you can take with you and add your photo's once you get home. I LOVE THIS, I would USE it and shove it full of ephemera like napkins from a restaurant or receipts from souvenir shopping. I would add postcards to it as well!! I would carry it with me and jot down my journey and you can see how I would do that with this...

For the cover cut and score as shown. When finished your journal album will measure 3.5 by 6 inches. The spine is 1/4 inch wide but completely expandable!! And if you know me at all you know I love a FULLY packed album, lol!! Just a perfect size!

 Punch your holes VERY VERY LAST, and if you have one of Teresa's Top 10 favorites, the CropADile you can punch thru all the pages and cover AT ONCE - so slick!!

 You can see here how that bottom fold from the template created a pocket to store things until you can adhere them down while you are traveling.

This is a great place to later put your photos!

All of the interior pages are 6 by 3 1/4, the paper from the World Traveler line has rounded corners.

 I created these tag pages using some old manila folders and cut them to size. For the circle pieces I cut strips of the Black Glitter paper from the paper line into 1/2 inch strips and rounded the corners, folded them over the tops and then punched the holes for the ribbons to be tied to. I LOVE the texture it adds to it!!

Using the stamp set, I stamped the Fleur de lis in the center of both sides of each tag then randomly used the other stamps as well. I loved that there are day stamps as well, perfect for even weekend getaways!!

 Here's another great page for photo's to add to after your trip.

 Another pocket page, used from the elements paper, perfect for tickets!

I love this World Traveler paper line and all of the goodies to go with it! I have to say, it's one of the lines I just want to HOARD!! It is timeless in my opinion, I love all of the patterns and could easily pick them up years from now and still be just as in love them!!   

✿ ~Cheri


  1. Cheri, this is just too cool!!! I love all the little tags and tabs ... makes me want to make one myself!

  2. I loooove the size of this mini, and that you can just carry it around in your cute!! I agree about hoarding Teresa Collins paper, I save them all :)

  3. The new blog colors look fantastic Cheri!!

  4. How do yo assemble the book? You went from the first picture with minimal instructions to the fully assembled book. Do you have step by step instructions some where on your blog? Would appreciate it. Beautiful book.

    1. Hi Vickie, Thank you so much. No, this is a post to inpire you to create your own travel journal book. The template above is for your cover - front and back with pockets, if you look closely there are demensions in the photo on where to cut and score it to create it. The interior pages as mentioned are 6" by 3 1/4" - you would add as many pages as you desire for your book, I created both tags and rounded corner pages. Then I punched three holes at the top to bind it all together.

  5. I can't tell what size of paper you used to cut... to me look like 12 x 9.5 ? there are some area don't have measurement. I am not sure if 45 degree cut for pocket or ? I am just trying to understand the diagram.

  6. also pocket part... why score the bottom. Still not understand that one because it almost looks like wrong to me.


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