Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Destination Adventure using World Traveler

I love this paper line World Traveler. This picture of my friend Jen's daughters is just perfect! 

World Traveler papers used:
Passport (both sides), words, luggage tags (side B), Red Brocade, Film Strip (side B), Geometric (side B), Black Damask
World Traveler stamp Set
Misc: Black ink, Brad, 2 sheets black card stock, ThermOWeb 3D foam squares

Prepare pages:
Cut two 1/2 strips from side b of passport paper
Cut a 1 1/4 strip from Red Brocade
Cut out words Destination and Adventure and mat onto black cardstock
Cut 6 7/8 x 9 of green paper
Cut 5 5/8 x 7 5/8 side B of film strip (creamy damask)
Cut two strips from black card stock - 2 inch and a 3/4 strip
Cut 8 centers out of the black damask shapes to create a flower
Cut random stamp images from passport paper
Stamp a couple of flur di lis images onto your red scrap pieces from the other side of the black camask paper with black ink. 
Stamp "not all who wonder are lost onto a scrap piece of paper.

Assembling your page:
1. Attach small green strip onto black 3/4 black strip and attach to bottom of page
2. Attach other green strip to top of 2 inch black card stock strip
3. Attach Red Brocade to the bottom of the strip with green and attach to top of page
4. Mat photo onto creamy damask paper, mat damask onto black card stock
5. Attach photo and mat onto green paper and mat onto black card stock and attach to upper right of page.
6. Attach Destination to upper right using foam squares
7. Attach Adventure to lower left using foam squares
8. Now start placing your passport pieces and attaching them to your page.
9. Attach your stamped images "tucking" them under your passport pieces.

To make flower, punch a hole into bottom - if you have cut them out as shown in photo, there is already a small circle to mark your spot. Now what I did was just evenly space them for the sides that will show, it "APPEARS" like the flower is tucked under the word Adventure but it's not, I only cut enough for what is showing. Add your brad to the center and attach to your page.

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