Saturday, May 19, 2012

Elisha's Birthday Room Reveal... Happy 18th Birthday Elisha!!

It's hard to believe our baby turned 18 yesterday! Last year for Elisha's Birthday room we filled it with over 200 balloons - if you missed the post it is {HERE}

This year I hand made her Birthday room. Danny had to pretty much threaten her to FINALLY take them down last week because we were having company this weekend and it was TIME!! Thank goodness!!

I could not have completed putting everything up this year before she returned from school with out help, thank you Shavanna and Charlie!! It was A LOT of work to get it all up and many good laughs!!

 The large "E" on her wall, she made last year and never hung. It really is perfect for her room and was the exact finishing touch above the banner. The "Happy Birthday" scalloped circles are from the Teresa Collins Celebrate line - so is the pinwheel centers - blue dots transparencies and clocks.
The Pom poms were purchased at Michael's crafts and I hung them on satin ribbon. The pink triangles are from the Teresa Collins Freestyle collection and I sewed them using double folded bias tape.

 The small and large doilies were purchased at the dollar store and I cut them in half and sewed them with bias tape as well. The "Happy Birthday" strips in the paper chains (every 11th chain!) also from the Teresa Collins Celebrate collection.

The three ft pink balloon was purchased at Michael's crafts too.

Here's the birthday girl taking it all in....

I think she LOVES it!!

Danny and Elisha being goofs!

I didn't get any super great photo's of the bonfire, I have no idea how many kids actually showed up there were so MANY!! I finally had to go to bed about midnight and leave Danny in charge, lol!! She had so much fun! 

Jim and the girls came down as well and we are having such a good time! 

For her birthday all she wanted was a new bed.... so we all were up very early to get ready and we headed out to the antique stores in Centralia and we found this:
believe it or not this old slat fencing is going to be transformed into a headboard and foot board! She is so excited!! I'll share "after" photo's when it's all completed. 

Happy Birthday E!! Love you bunches!!

I had been collecting inspiration for this room, to see what inspired pieces of this room click {HERE} to see the collection on Pinterest. 


  1. This is such a great idea!!!! Love it...I might just have to borrow some of these ideas for Bre's 17 in a couple of months!!! Thanks for sharing and Happy birthday Elisha! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It was so much fun helping turned out so awesome.

  3. fun & fabulous! thanks for sharing!

  4. om wow! love this room...I could never stick with it long enough to get something this big done! It's AWESOME! well done!

  5. oh my gosh this is AMAZING! What a fabulous mom you are!!!!!

  6. Beautiful! Disappointed you felt the need to take down this loveliness.

    1. so sorry for any confusion, I can see now how that could happen. We had to have her take down her balloons from last year - Yes, she kept them up that whole time and they were getting a little deflated so it was time to take last years balloons down. She will keep this new "birthday room" up until next year too. ✿


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