Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flower tutorial - freshening up some of your beloved flowers

If your anything like me in the flower department you have a drawer (Or three....) dedicated to these beauties!

I finally have gotten to the point where I need to really start using them but because I have so many and for so long I needed to somehow "freshen" them up. So, I started playing and these are my new favorite little flowers!

Fold all the petals in and give the centers a little "Pinch". It only takes five to make these.
Then squeeze some hot glue into a dime size puddle and put all of your centers in your glue, adjust as necessary.

Once the glue is "cool" go ahead and add it to your project. Easy peasy! 

I hope you are inspired to start playing and giving these little puffs a try.


  1. They're great and sooo easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fantastic idea and what a fresh way to make a new style flower. Thanks for the chance to win one of the embosser machines. Linda


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