Monday, July 23, 2012

oh yes, really, it's time...

Well now that CHA is over I should have quit my compulsive chocolate/endless coffee and Pepsi sidekicks, my little buddies... YES, these things are my creative staples always have been. (even with the shakes of all that caffeine, HA!) I convince my family to go on coffee/chocolate runs for me during CHA creativeness... happy mouth, happy mind, happy creating that's my motto. Normally they come and go... but they have yet to leave and I am FEELING it, oh yeah.

When I saw this photo the other day I knew it was time to FACE the music.... Oh my goodness, LOOK at that, I even have a coffee!! Oh that's even funnier now! Ok soooo... what I really noticed was that my arm and my double chin... Ok, I've always had a double chin but it's less noticeable 5 lbs ago. 

And really I'm ok with all of this, it's just that it's time to "go a little less" on all of this: Notice the love?? lol!

Ok, I should be more honest... I'm not going to give up the peppermint mocha in my morning cup of coffee... nope, but I can give up the pepsi, and well... the chocolate - it will just be LESS, not as much consumption. It's smore's season and we bonfire every weekend with the neighbors so instead of two I'll just have one, that's less. :)

And a whole LOT of this:

this is what will actually help put me back on track, I find that if I'm working out really hard that I tend to eat better. I was actually going to start this yesterday morning however, I opened the DVD case and it was missing!?!?!!... so I crawled back into bed. I'm my own worst enemy! (hangs head in shame)

But I did it today and If I can just make it past day four I will survive... and repeat... just make it to day four... I've done this many times before and it really helps put everything back into perspective - eating habits and all, lol!   I love the part "if 300lb women can do it so can you!!" usually I'm laying on the floor gasping, lol!! I do phase one for 2 weeks, phase two for 2 weeks and then phase three for 2 weeks, I won't loose much weight but I will loose inches and put the muscle back where it belongs. 

Oh and MSN should be unlocking my email account today so I can have my email back, it's going to be a great day!! If I can still walk...

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