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Graphic 45 Matchbook Box Mini book

I am so excited to be able to be showing you what I did with the new mini matchbook box. I created this project for The Hens Den. I am having sooo much fun playing with these papers and all of the goodies!

From the original picture above you can see that one box slides into the other. So we will call them the "OUTTER box" and the "INNER box"

On the outer box, I cut the top completely off. There are no ends on the outer box because the inner box was made to slide in the ends. Then I just scored the left and right seams of the bottom of the sides that were left. Because of the way the box is made you will see that they are still attached but "move-able" because I scored them. So now that my box was all cut apart I started putting it back together. 

You will start on the outside of the box when covering it with your papers, if you are going to add hinges to the top piece that has the opening in the front - this is so you can hide the prongs of the hinges and the brad for the "door knob" on the front. The right "flap", I layed it flat then taped over the seam and covered it with my papers keeping that side flat. Then I added my hinges and my door knob brad.

To create the "dangle" clock in the opening I used a piece of transparent thread between to clock stickers front to back then taped the end of the thread to the inside of the opening on the back before I covered it with paper. then I inked all the edges in the orange and the purple. Add "Happy Haunting to the "flap" part from the die cut sheet. (I will explain how to create the binding a bit later.)

"Outer box" - To sum it up: 1. cut the top off  2. score right and left sides  3. tape right flap down  4. cover outside of box with papers  5. add hinges and door knob  6. add a dangle clock to opening  7. cover inside of box with papers  8. Add die cut "Happy Haunting"  9. Ink all edges

So, Now for the "INNER" box. I cut the left side of the box off (and..gasp... threw it away.) Cut a strip of your fav paper the width of the outside of the box, adhere & wrap it around the edge and trim off the excess. Cut about a 5 1/2 inch strip of ribbon and lining up where you put your "doorknob" brad on the front so it will wrap around the knob. I adhered it along the bottom of the box, up the side and hanging out. Then I covered the inside of the box with papers. Ink all of your edges with the orange and purple ink. Adhere the bottom of the box to your first box. Glue the chipboard "Halloween Greetings" to the top of the box. Last but not least tie the key onto the ribbon.

INNER box - to sum it up: 1. cut left side off  2. cover outside with paper strip  3. adhere ribbon even with door knob brad  4. cover inside of box with paper 5. ink all edges 6. adhere bottom of box to your first box  7. glue chipboard piece Halloween Greetings to top  8. tie key to ribbon.

To create your binding, this is a little tricky but is super cool when done. I measured a sheet of paper 5 inches, and folded it in half then put it in my cinch, centering the sheet of paper and only punching 6 holes. This created my template. Then I cut my template to the size of the box and punched the holes using a long handled punch that would go thru chipboard. Now, here's the tricky part, fidget, bend, pull, squeeze, have patience, eat some chocolate slide your coil into the holes. 

Now just create little mini pages using the papers, die cuts, chipboard pieces and stickers.

I continued to ink my pages with orange and purple distress inks. Then for some added texture I had some stickles and added them in places too!

I loved all of the sayings on the Jeepers creepers papers so I cut them out and used them on the pages.


As you can see I have PLAYED and ALTERED the matchbook box. I was so INSPIRED to create something really fun! I LOVE Halloween and I wanted new to add to my home decor!

Be sure to check out The Hens' Den Blog to see the great projects the design team girls have been creating. 

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  1. This is really cool! I have never seen anything like this before! Great job, just amazing :)


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