Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Christmas book wit Tutorial using My Minds Eye "All is bright" collection & Graphic 45

I think I have an issue... I have now made 5 Christmas books, all different, and I LOVE them all!! And they are all for different purposes. I think I might be running out of display room in my house come this Christmas. I just love the holidays though and you can never have to many, and I am taking a class with Teresa Collins this weekend with my mother in law.. and guess what?? I'm taking the Christmas count down album class!! So that will be #6!! 

1. Start out using the 8 x 8 Matchbook box from Graphic 45
2. Cut the top off of the box that has the window. Gently score the inside left side, do not go all the way thru, you are just creating a "flap".
3. Cut off the left side of the "inside" box.

4. Wrap the outside of your box and window: 

Glue the inside of the box to the outside of the box first with the opening on the left facing the flap side (both should be on the left.)

Then wrap the bottom and sides. This is the template that I used, but you can wrap each side individually if you want. (The red dots are the opposite of this paper.) Once I was done wrapping my box I added the matching Washi tape to it as your sides using the template above do not reach to the very edge. 

Then add paper to the outside of the "window" part of the box.

At this point all of your outside pieces should have paper on them. Don't add paper just yet to the inside of your box.

For added fun I painted all of my edges at this point, this is totally optional, I just happen to love to paint everything (ask my husband, he'll tell ya! lol!!)

5. Punch a hole on the right side of your box about 1/4 from the lip. If you have a grommet or ring or even a paper reinforcer to use around the hole then go for it, if not it's all good! Now cut off about 18 inches or so of the red and white twine and fold in half. Tape the string in the middle of the box and up the side then pull your folded side through the hole you punched. This keeps the string really sturdy since you will also be covering it with paper when all is said and done.

For the "knob" on the front - add three pop dots to the post of your brad of choice. Line up where the ribbon will wrap around your brad, pierce a hole for your brad. Insert your brad - because you added pop dots to your brad it won't go all of the way in. This "wiggle room" will allow for the string to wrap around it. Glue and bend the back side of the brad.

6. Grab some chocolate, it will take you to your happy place. Let's add some hinges! I like to line up my hinges then mark the holes with a pencil then make the holes with a piercer.  Now, you may notice that your brads may seem a little short but they aren't, give them a little glue and bend them back as best as you can, then go get your hammer and hammer them, voila - those baby's aren't going anywhere! I like to hammer the fronts too, I like the texture. :)

At this point go ahead and decorate your spine before you get to #7.

NOW you can add paper to the inside of your box, the inside of the spine and the back of the window. You will see you had to wait to do this until all of your hardware is on so you can cover up the brads from the hinges, knob and the string for your closure.

7. Take a piece of scratch paper and cut it to the length of your book and fold it in half. Punch holes using a binding system or hole punch. This will create your template where you will put your holes on your book spine. Trace your holes from your template and punch them using a punch or hole setter. Cut your wires to length, then insert them into the punched holes from right to left. For a step by step photograph tutorial on how to do the binding check out my blog here: Binding tutorial

8. What your spine is going to look like with the rings and hinges.

So... Your inside pages! FUN TIME... 
I used the matching 6 x 6 paper pad. There is a little strip up at the top with a hole. You COULD and most people do cut that off so you have a true 6x6 piece of paper, but hey, this isn't a card, it's a mini book. I like to just go for it so instead of spending time cutting the tops off, I covered them in WASHI tape! Super cute, plus my pages are 1/2 taller now, BONUS!!

I love how these pages are pretty much decorated just add embellishments, brads, bling, layered stickers, chipboard pieces & buttons. Once you are done punch your holes in your pages.
Slide all of your papers in then you will need to pinch the wires together with your fingers. 

I hope this inspires you to create something outside of the box! HA!  This album will be at the Creating Keepsakes Expo in Bellevue this coming weekend, look for The Hens Den booth!! 

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