Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Baby book using Teresa Collins Save the Date collection

I wish that you could feel this paper!! This paper feels like wall paper!! Yes, Teresa was inspired by the feel of wallpaper on one of her trips and she incorporated it into this paper line. It is amazing!! When I received my box with all of the collections and saw this collection "Save the Date" I was stunned by the beauty of it!!

I also knew with a first look - this is not just a wedding collection. It's "core" is all about love and you can see in this post how I used it for a baby book!

The mini cover is just a journaling card!! It was so simply stated and it is perfectly paired with the mini file folders used in this book. When creating mini books often I only corner round the outside edges, not the inside where it will be binded. I also cut into strips the "guestbook" paper side b which has all of the little pink hearts on it and put on each page where it would be binded. I love how perfect it was for this book!!!

I added this page to my book to give the book more stability, I put white cardstock through my TCebosser, emossed the paper and then layered it onto chipboard. Then added all of my embellishments. I love doing this, If you have a book and it doesn't have enough pages or if your book is kind've wobbly you can easily add beautiful pages into it like I have done here.

I really wanted to show you this little flip book that comes in the package of "file folders & tags" The first flip page said JUST MARRIED, so I covered it up with the "ephemera tag" that has the calendar on it. This again would be perfect just to document your event or special occasion.

On the left you can now see the back side of the page I added to my book using the TC Ebosser. The right page is one of the file folders which are really most of my pages in this book. I left the inside blank for journaling by adding some journaling cards (not shown). The front of the file folder is BEAUTIFUL with the "from this moment on" I love how it is designed. I added another tag then the dark pink piece actually folds out, I added the brad on the flap that opens up.

This is the back of the file folder, can you tell I am LOVING the new EPHEMERA TAGS?!?

You can see I added a photo page - I just put two photos together back to back and inserted them into the book as a page! Sometimes it's really ok to be simplistic - what gives it an interesting look is how I layered it when I inserted it into the book. I layered it over the photo on the right page and when it turns you can see the "beautiful day" on the previous day. I always think it's important to look at how pages or embellishments will lay both ways when creating.

This is the inside of the larges mini file folder. I love how this looks - I matted all of my photos on white cardstock and I did the same on this journal card. Oh and yes another tag on that left page!!  OK.. SO, do you see the NEW PHOTO OVERLAYS? I have one on the photo on the right and in the lower left it says "happily ever after" in the circle. These are seriously so so fun!!!

Oh, did I mention the new GEMS are to die for?? I love the new crystal gems!!! Pretty pretty pretty!!!

Here is my last page - which is my back cover. Again, I needed a chipboard cover to give my book more stability so I did the same as before and used my TC Ebosser to create the beautiful page!!

I hope you are inspired to use this collection for more than just wedding, you will love it!!!

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