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Is Static Cling getting you down? Tips, tricks & a giveaway!!


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Please email me at Cherinspirationsatgmaildotcom with your information and I'll get your packages of sequins mailed out to you!!​

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Have you ever been knee deep in a project and darn if you don't spend more time trying to get the sequin off your finger than on the project itself?? Some days that's just how I feel. I LOVE using sequins but man of life that static cling is annoying, especially when your glue dries before you can put it on your project, right?!? So, I have a SOLUTION for you! Yes, it's a little trick I figured out...

Cherinspirations - Teresa Collins Sequins - Tip and tricks - 2

We all have those plastic containers that we get our washi tape in from Teresa Collins - right!? Anyways, take your washi out and store it somewhere else. Now, just spray a LITTLE spray of some static guard, like count to ONE, just a little is all you need, you don't want to drown your sequins or discolor them in any way or have a residue on them. TRUST me, I did all of the experimenting for you. ;) **Be quick and do not over saturate metal sequins - if you use too much they will have a residue that is not pretty - just saying... Yes, of course it happened to me and I lost the whole sparkly bag during my experiment, however, if you use just a tiny spray - again just count to one and you should be fine.

Cherinspirations - Teresa Collins Sequins - Tip and tricks - 3

Now quickly put your sequins in your container and give it a shake, like count to ten.

Cherinspirations - Teresa Collins Sequins - Tip and tricks - 5

Then pour them out onto a piece of scratch paper and let the static guard finish evaporating. see, no residue!! And VOILA no more static cling!! Now you can put them in what ever container you use.

Cherinspirations - Teresa Collins Sequins - Tip and tricks - 6

To adhere my sequins I like to use the liquid adhesive that comes in her Xyron adhesive kit.

Cherinspirations - Teresa Collins Sequins - Tip and tricks - 7

I just add a little dab of the liquid glue and then layer my sequins on and done!!

Cherinspirations - Teresa Collins Sequins - Tip and tricks - 9

So, in celebration of FINALLY figuring out how to get rid of static cling, I'm having a giveaway. YES, I am giving away TWO brand new package of SEQUINS from the YOU ARE MY HAPPY collection!! You have two chances to win!!!

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#2 SHARE THIS MOST HELPFUL POST with your friends from my facebook page: and leave me a comment on facebook how much you liked the tips and tricks today!!

I will be randomly choosing the winners - one from my blog and one from my facebook page on Monday (February 3rd) night.

Good Luck!!

Ok, also MORE good stuff happenings, While at CHA Teresa filmed some great video's with Scrapbook Expo and well, I'm totally stoked since she used one of my projects in two of the videos!! So, I HAVE to share!! Plus they are all about the LATEST and GREATEST and you should know all about it!! :)

Stencils and Modeling Paste:
Flip books:
Albums Made Easy:

So there you go!! Tomorrow I guess is the big game day. I apparently know who I'm rooting for since my man got me a "special" T-shirt so I KNOW!! Lol, I just want to eat junk food and watch all the new commercials - remember the Calvin Kline one from last year - that wasn't a bad one to watch!!

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  1. What a great idea!

  2. oh geez! you are brilliant! leave it to you to come up with this!

  3. YOU are MY happy!!! Maybe now I will have normal blood pressure :)

  4. What a very clever person to come up with this idea and thank you for doing the research and the giveaway.

  5. Brilliant. Love this will do it. Thanks for trying it out and making the mistake lol to save us

  6. Thank you Cheri! What an awesome tip. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  7. Thank you for this! Now I feel brave enough to use them!! Shared on fb too

  8. Must be exciting to see your creations featured on videos that are seen by so many. Great album and loved how you used those overlays with the black to make them pop! Thanks for the tip. If I win I will definitely give it a try.

  9. I am in love with your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! I love having a chance at winning too!

  10. Great idea! I have a whole can of Static Guard, and now I know what to use it for!! This is going to be so helpful!!


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