Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Cheri

Today, I have the house to myself, I plan to take the whole day off to create, to be creative.

Today is the day that I would say to myself....

Dear Cheri,
You are You for a reason, your one of kind, don't compare yourself to others - it's all ok. Create like you've never created before, take this day and make it yours. You go girl! Knock their socks because YOU can - be who YOU really are. Most of all, enjoy the process it'll turn out better than you could ever have dreamed! Embrace the day girl!

The last few days it has been a little hot in my scrapbook room - 98 degrees last night and I won't even mention the day/night before. I'm not complaining, it was my choice. We have AC in our home on the main floor but upstairs we have two bonus rooms - one is my scrap room. All week Danny has offered to put one of those AC units up in one of the windows but I'm so stubborn I didn't want one hanging out, I think they are ugly so I've refused. My husband, Danny, I love this man... I went upstairs to just do check out how hot it is this morning, he brought fans up sometime last night and opened all the windows it's nice and cool up there this morning. He didn't do this because I asked him, he didn't do it because I complained which I haven't - Like I said, I had made my choice (huh humm - stubborn - I made my bed, I'll lay in it.) He did it just because he knows what I'm up to, he wants me to do the best I can in the best situation possible, he wants me to be up right and breathing when he comes home tonight, he did it because he loves me sooo much. The thoughts - "The measure of a man" - were leaping out of my head when I got to the top of the stairs and saw what he had done for me, I have an instant lump in my throat and great big love in my heart.

What a great way to start what will be an awesome day! Oh, I'm totally "getting over it" and letting him put one of those units in the window tonight! ~C

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  1. Cheri - have you checked out the room units that are portable? They still need to be vented but look so much better than the window units! My husband bought some for his office (they use them in the server room that needs to stay very cool) and they work great. He got his in Home Depot for a pretty reasonable price!


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