Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Santa.......

Yes, That's right. My friend Stephanie pointed out on her blog this weekend that Christmas is just a few 150ish days away! She's been doing some sneak peaks too, which are to die for, she's so talented.

Did I mention how much I LOVE CHA SNEAK PEAKS, Yep, I do, Love, Love, LOVE all the new stuff.

So today I spied this from Ranger


Be still my beating heart, it grows vertically!!! 


Yeah, um, Dear Santa, I would make really good use of this, I would cherish it and use it almost daily, yes, yes, I would. I sure would. Wouldn't you????

Check out Ranger's blog for more photo's - like the one's seen above! :)  ~Cheri

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  1. I MUST HAVE THIS!! I saw it on Ranger, too and think it is such a great idea!!


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