Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There's always an upside....

So, this morning was pretty exciting, nothing like watching the sun come out. I'm not the only one that gets a little giddy just about all my local friends on FB were mentioning the sun!!! Everywhere I went, people were really happy! It's like the people in the Pacific North West were waking up after a long winters nap. On the way to the office I slid my sunshades on, opened the sunroof, cranked up some Sugarland and took the scenic route. Oh happy day!!!

I've had this idea rolling around in my head all day. I had purchased this cute little bead set at a local scrapbook convention a few months back and I was ready to "PLAY" with it and a few other little items. I could hardly wait to get home.

I've gathered up a few of the "key" items. Then I started putting the beads together and the head pin is too small!!! I am so bummed out, I don't have any spares. So hmpf. Bummer!!

I was graciously lent an awesome SLR Camera from my father in law about a week in a half ago. This is a BIG deal. Every time I use it I make sure I use the neck strap, I'm soooo paranoid of dropping it. It came with a VIDEO, which of course I have not watched yet. My mother in law asks me every morning when we exercise...have you watched it yet?????? I'm the kind of person that likes to do... I've taken 100's of pictures and have deleted 100's of pictures with it so far. So, I'm going to pop a bag of pop corn and watch the video, not because I have time now since my project was a bust, not because I want to but because I REALLY need to learn how to use it to it's fullest and best capability. That's the upside. ~Cheri

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